Alright, so, as the title suggests, I will be taking a hiatus. After a month of thinking about it, being busy with classes, writing, and so much other things, it is time for a short break come April. I will start with that before going over what will be out this month of March, since to me the hiatus is more important, that is why I have the serious pic as the feature image. But first there is something else.

Thank you

There is one thing I do want to say. The past month I saw a huge growth in views. I normally do not want to bring up views, I may tweet every once and awhile when something surprises me about them (like breaking the amount of views in a day in almost a year). But two months ago I could never really go over 40 most days. The past month and a half my lowest amount of views was just under 50 with highs in the 80s and 90s. Again I do not like bringing this up, but it just surprised me how far this blog has come in the past year. So I just wanted to say thank you.

thank you

Hiatus Stuff

I said time and time again I am a senior, final semester, college ending, and all that stuff the past few months. This past month a lot has happened. School is important, I need to look for a job when I get out of school, and well I have not had much time with all my school work. Writing on my novel and working on blog posts are clashing more and more. So much more in fact that with this season of not really interesting airing anime, anime viewing is very limited to once or twice a week. Blog taking the larger toll since I put my novel before it. School work kind of forced me to fall behind on the blog. The last two weeks (at the time of uploading this) have been a little heavy on workload. The 3 Day Quote Challenge and a few Top Fives and Favs have been pushed aside because of lack of time.

So, I really also want to push myself to finish my book by spring break, time and time again I set a date, but never seem to get much done.  Come April I have a lot of things I want to do in my final month of senior year:

  • Look for a Publisher
  • Look for a Job
  • Look into Possible Grad Schools
  • Prepare for Finals

I am sure there are a lot more things. Taking my blog out of it would just lighten the load.

However, I will be doing weekly reviews for the Spring season. I am not sure if I will be doing two or not yet. I hope to write them all and then come May upload the episode reviews in the first few days. There will also only be mid-season and final impressions as well.

I might still be on the blogsphere reading other people’s posts and whatnot. I also plan to try to avoid my own blog to the best of my ability. So, it might be hard. I will still be on twitter, so it is not like I am vanishing for good.

So, I really just want to take the hiatus to put more focus on everything else. I want this blog to flourish as long as it can, even if it is one post a week. But to do that, the break needs to happen.


Anyway, time for what is to come out in March for posts.

March Schedule (Things might and probably will change):

March 2: 3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

March 4: KonoSuba ep 8 review

March 5: 3 Day Quote Challenge Day 3

March 6: Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Final Part discussion

March 7: The Favs Post 6: Kiddy Girl-And

March 11: KonoSuba ep 9 Review

March 13: Fire Emblem Fates Post: Conquest Chapter 7-17

March 14: Top Five: Loser Characters

March 16: Fire Emblem Fates Post: Conquest Final (On Spring Break to do this)

March 18: KonoSuba ep 10 Review

March 20: Fire Emblem Fates Post: Revelations Chapter 7-17

March 21: The Favs Post 7: Madoka Magica

March 25: KonoSuba Final Review

March 27: Fire Emblem Fates Review

March 28-30: Final Season Impressions/Pre-Season Impressions

March 31: The Favs 8: Love Live

April 1: Top Five Love Live Characters

April 2: Hiatus Reminder


So, I wanted to do two posts on Love Live, a Top Five and a The Fav post, this is due to it being the days of the final concert for the VAs. It is just a little thing I wanted to do. Same thing with me being on spring break, I only play video games on the weekends, and I want to finish the post series for Fates by the hiatus, so expect those posts.

Like I said though the posts are scheduled to change. Other things might come up, I do not know. If there are any forced changes due to various reasons checking twitter would be the easiest way to know. My main twitter usual I just retweet or will say something. But also the official twitter as well, will always say something about it. They can be found here:

Blog’s Twitter

Personal Twitter

Thank you for everything and I will see you in the next post.

– Joe