For starters sorry for that lame pun of title. Apparently there was a Rozen Maiden Reference this episode. But other than that I found the girl who is now my favorite in this series, which is outside the already wonderful main cast, Wiz. Please just protect this undead princess’ smile. Plus she has important plot ties that will be useful way down the road if this series ever decides to get adapted that much. Anyway without going too much into it, let’s get started.


The Plot:

So, nearly freezing to death, much like last episode, only this time it is the goddess that is freezing. This actually makes me ask the question if Aqua can die. I mean she is a goddess. So can she die? I mean her being freezing like her (not) godly powers apparently don’t protect her by that. Anyway time to stop questioning things like this.

konosuba ep 8 1

Anyway she nearly burns Kazuma’s tracksuit. After nearly saving it, his last memento from Japan, he takes Aqua to go get him more skills.

konosuba ep 8 2

Enters the lovely undead goddess, Wiz-sama. She is attacked by Aqua for being an undead, but Kazuma puts a stop to the fight. He asks for her help. But for a little back story for some events that happened between episodes, Kazuma and team put a stop to the Lich, who is Wiz, who was allowing for the dead to go off to heaven. They relieved her of her duty, so now she runs a shop in town. But it does not end there, back in the present Wiz reveals she is one of the eight Demon Lord Generals. She protects the Demon Lord’s barrier and has not harmed anyone.

konosuba ep 8 4

Needless to say Aqua wants to kill her to take the bounty. But because Wiz never hurt anyone she has no bounty. Kazuma says that if they did kill her to go to the Demon Lord now at their level would be suicide. Wiz also mentions, which saves her life, that if the other generals are defeated she can stop the barrier regardless. Plus the Demon Lord only leaves her alone as long as the barrier is up.

konosuba ep 8 7

So, when asked if she felt anything that Verdia was defeated, she did not care. In fact Darkness was right and Verdia was a pervert.

konosuba ep 8 9

Enough about that, Kazuma learning skills time. The skill in question is Drain Touch, which basically like a standard RPG Game attack where it drains the opponent’s HP and Magic. Kazuma leans that and the time with Wiz ends sadly.

The second half deals with the haunted mansion sort of situation. The group is allowed to live there thanks to Wiz, since she is apparently a famous magician in the town. So all they have to do is exorcise the spirits.

konosuba ep 8 12

So yeah, then over the night, after a few other things happen, Dolls appear out of nowhere and try to attack Kazuma, who happens to need to use the restroom. He goes to Aqua’s room to get rid of the floating ghost dolls chasing him. Only Megumin is there, with a similar situation.

konosuba ep 8 14

More things happen as they try to escape the dolls, Megumin gets to use the bathroom. More running from the dolls. This entire half was much faster passed and could be explained quickly like this.

konosuba ep 8 15

The two lock themselves in a room. Surrounds Kazuma bursts open the door, accidentally knocking out Aqua. The problems of the haunted mansion were solved. However it turns out a barrier over the nearby graveyard was to blame. That same graveyard where Aqua was supposed to take over from Wiz to put the restless spirits to rest. So they did not take the money, however they get to stay in the mansion because the land owner in nice.

konosuba ep 8 16

Overall Thoughts:

I really did enjoy this episode. It really bounced back this week, sort of literally in some sense. Anyway, I enjoyed the little nod to the fact where Wiz said “Defeating the other generals the barrier can be closed.” It really sets up the fact that when this series ends, they will be the ones to face the Demon Lord. Besides Wiz is just so nice.

konosuba ep 8 11
Please protect this undead goddess’ smile.

The second half was done well too. The first half sort of was plot progression in learning new useful moves. While the second half was more humor, but I am going to assume somehow plot relevant by the end of this series.

konosuba ep 8 5It really feels like there is not much to say. I really enjoyed this episode. I am also starting to realize that of all the shows I reviewed weekly so far the ones I enjoyed the most, and sometimes have harder talking about by the end are the comedies. I have little complaints, if any for this series so far. This episode was just another enjoyable episode to me. It is not trying to be a harem or even action fantasy, despite all the aspects that could allow for it. It has maintained that just comedy routine so far and it has treated it well. With the show only having 3 episodes left I will be sad to see it go.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10

konosuba ep 8 3

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