Hello, and welcome to the series of posts I do where I discuss my favorite series. One thing I really like about anime is that we can all enjoy different series. In this shows case it is the sequel to one of my previously covered series, Kiddy Grade. Now because of this, unlike posts before this may contain minor spoilers to the previous series. Some series that I may cover will be spin offs or sequels or even prequels. Regardless of this I would still love to hear about your favorite series, even if it is not this one or even your thoughts on this series if you saw it. Either way I hope you enjoy as I talk about the sequel Kiddy GiRL-AND.

The Plot

I could be wrong for this part. But the series is set 25 years after the end Kiddy Grade where Éclair and Lumiere saved everyone from the corruption within their own organization. Now a new organization similar exists now known as GTO or Galactic Trade Organization. Now the even the special elite members even mirror it, however they are publicly known ES members.

Enters Ascoeur and Q-feuille two candidates to join the ES teams. During their training days, sometimes on their own, sometimes with their role models, they soon learn of a terrify catastrophe that only they can stop. With both their pasts unknown to one another the closer they get to solve the problem the more they learn about themselves and each other.

From Left to Right: Di-Air, Ascoeur, and Q-feuille


  • Genre- Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Superpower, and Yuri
  • Air Date- October 15. 2009- March 25, 2010
  • Series Length- 24 episodes
  • Studio- Satelight
  • Source- Original Series
  • Prequel- Kiddy Grade

Last Viewing

I viewed this series right after finishing Kiddy Grade. However I gave it a day or two after watching the first series. There was also a point where it took me a little longer due to being busy. Anyway, it was Summer of 2015 in August.


Why a Fav?

Note this will contain spoilers, although the third paragraph will.

To me as much as I love Kiddy Grade, this sequel I was disappointed how it really focused more on comedy than the first series. The characters were different in so many ways. But it grew on me. I was able to enjoy it as much, if not slightly more than the first series. It has its own charm, especially because of the heavily yuri aspect to it. The characters, moments, and some things are slight nods to the first series. The first series I really enjoyed, and this series I did as well.

One thing I like the most is the fact it was able to set itself away from the first series. At times I forgot I was watching a sequel, if not for a certain point that I will cover soon since it is a spoiler. I think that is one thing I like the most, it was able to be a sequel, with new characters and so many other things, which at times it really did not feel like I had to see the first series. But by the end of course, it made me ask for even more.

Spoilers: The ending was another thing I loved. On one hand there was the plot point I will mention in what I don’t like. But the ending were the three main girls from this series and Éclair and Lumiere from the first series were all running side by side being basically the most powerful people in the universe, was just a fun ending and made me want more with all the characters together instead of just some moments in the final episodes.


First Series or Second Series

This is really tricky. I mean really tricky, as I mentioned one thing I liked was the fact it did not feel like all too much like a sequel. But I have to say I enjoyed the first series more. There were plot moments, which worked great in this one. The characters were amazing and I loved them in both series. Both are great in their own right, but I like the first series just a bit more since it is what started it all.

What I don’t Like

I think at first were it became more comedic is where I did not like it. This really threw me off watching the series. But I grew to like it. Also although I said at times it does not feel like a sequel, this should still be viewed and watched in order because by the end it really is a sequel.

This does go into spoiler area now, so you have been warned.

To me what I did not like was the fact that Éclair and Lumiere were a central focus. The two were basically holding off a planet exploding, and the new girls Ascoeur and Q-feuille basically became the only ones that could help them. The plot sort of towards the end revolved around that planet. Although the good that came from it was seeing all of them together at the end and getting along rather well after meeting in a split second.

Q-feuille reaction

Little Tidbits

Best Girl: Once again impossible to pick

Favorite Ep: I think it was ep 17 but also the pudding one.

Favorite Moment: Last Minute of the Series

Favorite Fight: The final was good, but also I think ep 8 or 9 was a good one.

Kiddy-girl-and final scene

As always with this series I am looking for ideas on what to talk about. If you have an idea, maybe an example with one of your favorite series, feel free to comment.

If you saw this series or have not, what are your thoughts?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

Feedback on what you would like to see for these series of posts would be appreciated. It will take a few posts before a set form and it might change depending on the series as well too. The same goes for any suggestion for anything you would like to see here.

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– Joe