Yes, so by the title, and as planned I beat Birthright. However it took longer than expected. First I was busy with homework so it took a little longer for the first Birthright post. This one was a different story. Pokemon Red now being on virtual console, and that being my first video game ever, well nostalgia reaching an all-time high I played that over Fates. Now that the nostalgia died down a bit time to get back on track.

This will contain minor spoilers since I am talking about my approach on the final boss. I will mark where it begins and it should only be a paragraph.


Chapter 18- Final Chapter

Alright, so my mind is a little fuzzy about the earlier chapters, mostly just to around chapter 20. I think the only reason for this was due to Pokemon. But as a whole I did enjoy this game. I only have one complaint, but that is the spoiler and I have a reason to why it is a complaint.

I put a lot of focus on trying to get all the Paralogue chapters. I did not even do that in Awakening for starters. I did do my best to try to unlock some, not all. At the time of writing this, I only did a few of them after Kana’s chapter. So I might go back at a later time.

Since I was trying to unlock more Paralogue chapters a majority of the chapters were filled with a few weaker people to pair them up. Some stayed weak, while others became very useful assets to the team. I am mostly looking at Kaden, who really strengthen up when I used the Master Seal on him. I paired him with Orochi, who was alright, but really pulled through when I needed her. Despite having S pairing with them I did not get to his Daughter’s chapter.

I like the characters I used. I loved using “Super Felicia” at the start, but even when Jakob showed up, the two did not really do so well and would die after an attack or two. They also did not do a lot of damage either.

birthright pic 3

As for the levels, well I was on a normal setting, which explains one of my complaints. Other than that I did find the next to last one rather challenging. I even got a Game Over. There was also, I would like to say, Chapter 25. That one I was close to losing, but had to play it super safe and go little by little so the healers both live and are close to my main attackers.

birthright pic 7
If Kana-chan dies, Mama and Papa kill anything that moves.


For starters let me say I beat the final boss in two turns. Chapter 26: Xander, I beat him in one turn. The level was over. Chapter 27 as I said I lost. But that final level, I hardly  did anything. I walked up to him, attacked once. His turn he moved, second turn I healed Corrin before attacking for the win. Now, I looked up the chapter, it sounds a lot harder than that. I am on Normal difficulty, which Conquest is harder apparently, but I am putting it on Hard mode because I like a challenge. There is also the fact the things that boost stats permanently, I had like 15 or more maybe on me. I do not know. I just gave them all to Corrin. So, maybe giving them all to one character was the reason and having him hit well over 50 damage at a max level is the reason. I do not know.

For those that have beaten the game, I am interested in your strategy. I ONLY WANT IT ABOUT BIRTHRIGHT THOUGH.

birthright pic 5birthright pic 8

Paralogue Chapters:

I did not do many, I think I have about 4 to currently do that are Birthright only. Of the ones I did, it is Caeldori. I got a game over on that one. I also forgot to save before doing it. So, although I unlocked it again, I have not tried a second time. The other ones I did were alright. Some mirror characters from Awakening, which is okay, I just wish the characters were different. I am glad that the ones that look like characters from Awakening in Conquest are actual characters, some of my favorite children too, are in it.

birthright pic 6

Unlike Awakening all the Paralogue ones in these games are all around the children, with the exception of Paralogue 1. Awakening had some where characters were unlocked, some just gave exp and money. Not so much in this one.

birthright pic 1

Overall Thoughts:

This is only for Birthright. I know that the routes are different; I do not know what the other routes are like in terms of story. So with just this game, I did enjoy it. I started to see some I guess story lines, namely with Azura, that were not fully resolved. I assume more hints of who she is will appear in Conquest and be fully solved come Revelation. That is only my assumption. I also feel that Corrin is not related to either family. That is only my assumption, I could be wrong.

As a whole I did like Birthright. I do wish there was more to it. I really do not like comparing it to Awakening, but that being the only Fire Emblem game I played to date, well rather than it feeling like there is a split at some point like in Awakening it is one journey all the way through in Birthright. It was fine and all, but I am starting to see that more than likely, by the time I am done with Conquest, I will probably say that all 3 games need to be played. I could be wrong. Perhaps this game is fine to play solo without the other two versions, I do not know.

Either way I am rather excited to start Conquest soon, mostly to see familiar faces.

birthright pic 2
I could not stop laughing after this scene in the bathhouse.

I will not be covering the DLCs, mostly due to the lack of funds and they themselves are about another 40 dollars or more once they are all out.

Next time however I aim to cover Chapter 7-17, hopefully a Paralogue or two. Not sure on the Conquest Waifu will be, I have a faint idea though (insert winky face here).

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe