Well, the final episode surely went out with a bang, and luckily season 2 has been announced. The last few anime seasons have been becoming slightly boring for me. However there is few in the bunch that are, well a “God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!” I could not help with that.  Anyway, I am glad that one series I set out to review weekly worked out and I could stick through it all. Weekly reviews are a learning experience. Comedies and staying away from original works seem to do best. But enough about that, let’s get started for the last time, for now, on this fantasy comedy. The review for the series as a whole is at the bottom. That is spoiler free.

Yes, (providing I still blog, since who knows when it will) I will do Season 2 for weekly reviews when it airs. Also I will be doing the OVA whenever I am able to see it. But, enough with the distractions once more, without further ado time to start for real.


The Plot:

The Destroyer is coming, and with the town in a panic Kazuma is still asking the question to the thing that has been appearing subtly for episodes now, “What is the Destroyer.” Of course many members, as in Aqua and Megumin are in a panic and are trying to leave the city. It is something that cannot be destroyed and it destroys anything in its path.

konosuba ep 10 1

At the guild hall it is known the spider or ant like thing will be there within the hour. They quickly form a plan, well mostly going off assumption. They are being so action packed for the final episode that not even the opening could be played. I mean the Destroyer is an undefeatable foe.konosuba ep 10 2

So, Kazuma believes that Aqua can do a spell break on Destroyer. This would then be followed by Megumin using her explosion spell, with the help of Wiz-sama, I mean Wiz.konosuba ep 10 4

Thus with the plan in motion the Emergency Quest is set, Destroy the Destroyer.

konosuba ep 10 5

While everyone is planning Darkness is standing by herself on guard. Kazuma makes a few remarks about how she is a masochist and wants to get destroyed by it. However it is her moment. She reveals she needs to protect the people of this land. She comes from a wealthy family that owns the territory or something. Darkness real name is Lalatina Dustiness Ford. Anyway, she does not want the others to know of her secret. Kazuma teases her before letting her be.

Then the Monstrosity comes. Megumin became weak at the knees just looking at the monster. I am also going into a lot of description’s since I took about 22 images for this review, and the average is only 11 so, I have a lot of room to work with on this one.

The plan goes into action. Aqua’s staff comes down and she goes all out with a powerful blast, and being able to break through the defense barrier. Megumin still a little freighted gets told off that her explosions are not all that by Kazuma. She retaliates with her usual flare and does her spell. Wiz also does an explosion spell. Each one hitting and putting a stop to the Destroyer.

The crowd cheers. They lived. One wish to go get married now that they survived. Kazuma is now worried since so many death flags were raised. Aqua responds that it is over now. But it obviously is not. I mean we are only eight minutes in to a twenty-two minute show. What do you know an alarm goes off saying the Destroyer will self-destruct.

konosuba ep 10 12

Darkness rushes in, partially due to her wanting to protect everyone, but the look of her masochistic mode being in full swing says otherwise.

konosuba ep 10 13

Seeing this the townspeople, as in the men, are all realizing how important the town is, as in the succubus and what they do to them, is important and must be protected.  So everyone else charges in as well.

konosuba ep 10 14

Wiz mentions there may be a way to shut it off, if a certain component is destroyed.  Now with the super dangerous emergency quest on the way Kazuma drags Aqua along.

Inside after finding a dead guy, his diary explained the destroyer. Apparently he was given the ridiculous command to build a fortress. He needed a certain component, they amazingly got it. Before he knew it the machine went out of control. Since he had no means to stop it, he decided to just sit in their till he died, which he did.

konosuba ep 10 15

Wiz mentions she might be able to teleport it somewhere, however she ran out of magic. She asks Kazuma if she can suck something from him, and he allows it. She drained some energy, and was about to teleport it. Kazuma gave her the okay, since it will teleport somewhere random, and his luck is good so no one will get hurt.


Let me just stop. When has his luck ever been good?

konosuba ep 10 17

Alright time to continue. Problem solved, the machine was turned off. It should be alright. Well it wasn’t. All the power inside built up and it is about to explode. Only one solution, Explosion spell.

Megumin is at the ready, Wiz is out of power. If she uses Drain on Aqua too much it will kill her. So, Kazuma has to do it, and Megumin gets to do a second explosion for the day. So she is rather happy.

After trying to figure out how to transfer the mana between Aqua and Megumin through Kazuma in a normal way, the second explosion happens. The Destroyer gets destroyed.

konosuba ep 10 20

The days go by, it is peaceful. The show is near its end. Word is that people from the capital are coming. Kazuma believes it is for a reward, well it is not. It blew up a rather rich person’s home, and he is not pleased. Kazuma is basically a criminal now. Aqua even says defeating the Demon Lord is getting harder now.

konosuba ep 10 21

Thus the first season ends. Luckily instead of their being some sort of announcement somewhere else, the end card was replaced with the announcement of Season 2.

konosuba ep 10 22

Overall Thoughts (Not Review):

Where to begin with this episode. Yes it was enjoyable and a fitting final episode. It held that battle well and kept the humor and action going. Sure it was not as a combat ready one like with Verdia. This one was more of drama and trying to put a stop to something that is said to be unstoppable.

konosuba ep 10 3As a whole I do rather like the reoccurring joke that was they are is the starting town. So, Verdia was a Demon Lord General. Destroyer is an, well, was an indestructible machine. So by the time this series ends the Demon Lord will probably go to them more than anything. Probably out of boredom too. Anyway it was just well-played and a good reminder throughout the episode. Especially with the other Adventurers too, granted they are like level 30 because of the Succubus, but still they stay in the town.

This episode was a weird one like with Verdia. It did give each of the girls fair screen time, but it felt like it just was not enough for each of them. They were all working apart. Although I guess it works with the action. The comedy works better when they are together. The action, each has their own role and it requires them to be apart, so I guess it makes sense.

Either way, this was an enjoyable finally.

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10

Before I get to the actual review here are all the screen caps, if that is the right word. Either way, slideshow time.

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Series Thoughts (This is the Review):

Comedy is always a tricky thing. A comedy cannot always be funny to everyone. Some comedies I just cannot stand and do not get why they are funny. This series will be no acceptation to that, because everyone has their own sense of humor. So, just bear with that in mind if you decide to watch it and do not like it.

Studio Deen did a wonderful job. There are few series from Deen that come to mind, probably do not give them a good reputation too, Fate/Stay Night 2006 and Higurashi, both series I love, but animation wise not the greatest. This series does have its moments of awkward animation. So even after a decade from those shows not much has changed.

But those moments of poor animation can be made up with the humor, the story elements, and little details like music helping the comedic elements. Although this series is very heavily reliant on the comedy, the two action episodes did still hold their own. It also may look like a harem, but again it is not, it hardly has a romance aspect to it. It is a comedy through and through.

This show is tricky to judge because it is a comedy and most certainly cannot be for everyone, despite a lot of people seeing it this season and loving it. Yet there is more to it, sure the characters can be alright at times, each have their own quirks that well, you really have to question how they will be the ones to save the day. This too adds to the comedic elements. It seems like most parts of this series all relate back to it being a comedy. The fantasy aspect is fascinating though, even if it again relates back to the comedic elements.

It truly is hard to judge this series with it being a comedy in mind. As much as I would love to not be basis in this judgement, it is making it hard too. It is only hard because so much relate or are expanded upon in its comedic elements. Because the comedic elements are easily reliant on one’s person taste. To put it simply, if you somehow find me funny, you will find this show funny.

As much as I hate to say it I need to rely on my personal belief of the series.

Overall Score: 90/100


So, hopefully Season 2 will come out in the fall or winter the latest. I assume so since this season only covered two volumes, by the time the OVA comes out it will be at 9.

With that said I would love to hear your thoughts, either on the episode, the series as a whole, what you liked or didn’t like. Feel free to comment.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe