So, for starters I am at that awkward point in a video game that really makes me well, get distracted, not play it for a few months, and runs the risk of never beating it. Fire Emblem Awakening went through this process and there was about a six month gap between me finishing the final 7 chapters. I was lucky to get through Birthright rather quickly, but now for Conquest, it is a whole other story. Either way it is the slowing period and I am starting to go a lot slower than I hoped.

Conquest Chapter 7-15

So, let me explain before I begin. The game presents with an option. Once you beat the first 6 chapters you can go right away on the other route. However you stay in the same difficulty. I did not know that at first. So I had to do the first several chapters over again on Hard Mode.

Before I continue any more, I am not on Hard Mode now.maids with maids

Chapter 3 is why, I lost several times, like 5 or 6, each try took about 20 minutes before I lost. So after trying multiple approaches, pairing two people together, sticking close, ect, ect, and basically wasting 2 days, I went back to normal and continued right at the start of Conquest. Thus this post getting the title, Hard Mode is Hard. I will try again for Revelation, but there will be no promises.

brother and sister

Alright, now onto the thoughts of the chapters I beaten so far, which I already had my fair share of Game Overs, that I did not get in Birthright.

onee chan 1Conquest is a lot harder, you do not get the luxury of deciding to scout and fight enemies. You have to go chapter by chapter, so pairing each other up to get S Class support is a little harder. The story itself is different on so many levels. Birthright was more focused on getting to the Nohr capital and dethroning the king as well as knowing who the traitor is. Overall in the Third Post I did say it felt off and like there should be more. Conquest is different since there are answers to some questions I had from Birthright, this mostly relates to Azura.

This comes from well a lot, chapter 15 especially. You see another world that she goes to. Earlier she meets with the king and well he does not treat her so kindly. But the biggest one of all, that you did not get to know about in Birthright, is that the king was taken over by a Demon, sorry for the spoilers, but this route is a lot different.

ex waifu part 2I am starting to have to say that unfortunately all games are going to need to be played in order to get the full story. Birthright has the least importance, at least so far, to the overall story. Only thing I see right now, in comparison to Conquest, is that you get to know your Birthright siblings more. Also more about Azura. No mentioning of the curse, which was rather well-known in Birthright, has been seen in Conquest so far.

After these chapters, well, I can see why Revelations is the last. A part of me is rather glad all the games are different, since that means I did not waste 80 dollars on the Collector’s Edition for 3 similar games. But at the same time I am glad I did not pick on game over the other not knowing that all the games are different and tell a different story.

Thoughts on Gameplay

the ex waifu
Had to fight the Birthright Waifu.

I only bring this up due to the fact that Conquest compared to Birthright is a lot different. Birthright mostly had defeat all the enemies, or boss, or something like that. Conquest is different. One Chapter, 10, the reason why I got 3 or 4 Game Overs was due to the main mission. The mission was not to allow enemies cross a certain point, if they do, then Game Over. Of course this always happened on Turn 10 and Turn 11 is the final Turn. I barely made it through. My team survived, it is just barely made it.

It was not just that chapter, but a lot of them, so where you could defeat the boss or escape in X amount of Turns. I rather like that since it provides more of a challenge, makes me think more. Some I just died for other missions. But I do like this where it has more of a challenge. I am sure the later chapters will get just as harder.

No Paralogue Chapters were Done

Well, I did do one, but nothing really to note since I do not care for the character. It was Arthur’s son, Percy.

Team and Pairing

I learned something that I did not do in Birthright. I changed my main characters class. I might not be able to use the DragonStone, however he started as a Mercenary and is now a Hero Class after using the Master Seal.

Now, seemingly the only important pairing to me is the one with the main character. Which I am stuck between Camilla and Selena.

Camilla, well just her attitude in general, not sure why but I just really like her character.

Selena on the other hand, spoilers, but she Severa from Awakening. One of my favorite children characters, after Lucina. Plus I really like how the first two parts with her talk about the Yukata, which although I do not have the pic from the DLC in Awakening, I do have a pic of her mom that she refers to in the second scene with her in the other DLC. I do like her mom.


There is not much I can say other than that now. I think I am at that point in the game where these posts will not be out weekly like I hoped. School is getting busy and the hiatus is getting close. I hope to get at least Conquest done in the next post though.

I do plan to complete this game, and have posts for the rest. After it is done I am thinking of doing Braverly Second. However those will probably be out faster since the game will be out while I am on haitus. After that maybe Pokemon Yellow, the one Pokemon game I have yet to beat. This is only an idea. But for now enjoy the Fates Posts.


As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe