Hello, and welcome to a Super-Sized Top Five. This is the second post dedicated to Love Live. With the Final Live taking place, where the voice actress of Muse contracts expiring and the characters of Muse story has now been told it is time to do something different. With Love Live Sunshine coming out this summer and new characters to the franchise it is time to look into the potential of characters that could be my favorite before counting down my favorite from the previous generation. It has been awhile since I did a Top Five with two categories in one. So to say good-bye to a series that became my first idol series, a series that had some enjoyable moments, and so much more, without further ado here is my send off.

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Top Five Potential Best Aqours Girls

I do not base it on music, but personality. So since the anime has yet to air, this is going off of their character description.

Number 5: Ruby Kurosawa

She is apparently the little sister of one of the other members, Dia. So, I am also going to assume they will have another younger sister that deals with Sapphire. Anyway, she is apparently a little bit of a cry baby. Which puts her maybe not even on this list. But she apparently has a fear of men, which on one hand is no laughing matter, however in previous anime with this it is either taken to an extreme or as a joke. Given the nature of Love Live, I will assume as a joke. It could be interesting mostly to see a sister and big sister dynamic in this series. But well, it will depend on how she is portrayed later.


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Number 4: Kanan Matsuura

Her design reminds me of Nozomi, but with a personality of Eli. Perhaps this somehow takes place in the future and this is their daughter.

Anyway,  it is hard to say about her. I know at this point I have not begun to talk about Muse, but she reminds me a little too much like Eli and Nozomi, which is not bad one bit. I rather like both their characters. I only put her here due to the fact that it depends how she comes off. She could come off more of a mature figure, but again it depends how she comes off exactly. I am uncertain, but she could be more fun down the line then first described.


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Number 3: Dia Kurosawa

Well, yeah, younger sister is on here, the older sister is on her. Either way Dia sounds like she could be a fun character. She is basically a perfectionist and it could be interesting to see. I will assume she will be the more Eli like role for this series. It is hard to say but I mean she is the school president, and has a similar attitude. It will be interesting to see what her not so serious side is like as well as her role as a big sister with her little one also part of the group.dia for reall


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Number 2 & Number 1: Yoshiko Tsushima & Riko Sakurauchi

Number 2 and Number 1 spot are neck and neck. I only say this due to the fact I could really like their characters. After seeing their bios months ago these two stuck out the most and I really liked. Yoshiko sort of sees herself as a demon or being possessed by one due to her bad luck. It sounds like it could be very funny. While Riko on the other hand reminds me a lot like Umi, so I think that answers why I like her. Both have the most promise, so it is hard to say which one I like a little more than the other. But I am sure once this show airs it will be a little more clear. For all I know neither will be my favorite character.


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Top Five Best Muse Girls

Alright, first half is done. The super-sized Top Five just went through the short part, time to get to the main focus. Also obvious Umi is Number 0 since Waifu Tier is higher than Best Girl Tier. Also with these images the girls are with their VAs.

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Number 5: Honoka Kousaka

So, the leader of the group is at the bottom. Honoka is in that weird category where I sort of like her and sort of don’t. She does make a good leader, she is level-headed at times and willing to take advice. Where some of the members are more serious she can be more humorous and rid the tension that is always there. She might be a good leader, but often she does not have the greatest I guess priorities. She can get easily distracted and is more focused on the fun aspects, although it is not always bad. But with how I been constantly back and forth talking about her probably answers why I cannot think of a reason to like her or not like her.

honkers and emi

Honoka and Emi Nitta Pixiv Link 

Number 4: Rin Hoshizora

Rin surprisingly was not this high until I did her birthday post on Anime Corps. But other than the whole cat-like thing, she is really energetic and is always happy. I do not know why but I just like how positive she is. Something about her that I like. Plus I feel like because she was a first year she got a little less spotlight then the others. I mean Maki is the most, Hayano as well. But out of them all Rin feels like she was not always there in the spotlight. Still her fun-loving attitude is always nice and something that can bring a bad situation not feels as bad.


Rin and Riho Iida Pixiv Link

Number 3: Eli Ayase

Horosho….. I mean, yeah I just like Eli. She tries to go her own way in most of the first season. But she wants to still do what needs to be done. She may be serious and out of them all I feel like a mentor role fits her more. She is just overall a good character. She may be serious, but she still knows that there needs to be some fun. Something about all the first years, not counting Nico, I just really like. Eli does a great job keeping balance and serves being more serious than Honoka. In a way it is her perfect opposite. While both can take a similar role to the other, Eli helps keep in mind what they are really trying to do when everyone else seems to lose slight focus.

eli and  Yoshino

Eli and Yoshino Nanjo Pixiv Link

Number 2: The Moms

Still waiting for Mama Live. I mean more than anything Love Live is to blame for me and the whole anime mom thing that seems to be more relevant on twitter. Although there were earlier signs before seeing the movie, the movie made me realize this.

umi and mom

Umi and Her Mom Pixiv Link

Also this was a complete joke before the real number 2 spot, despite being true.


Number 2 & Number 1: Maki Nishikino and Nozomi Tojo

Like I said Umi is waifu Tier which is above Best Girl Tier. That does not change the fact it is really hard to pick between the two of them.

Maki although a bit of a Tsundere and I do not like Tsunderes all too well, Maki is the kind I like. She is the easily flustered kind. That is the kind I like and not the ones that respond in a violent manner. Behind it all, and despite her character not really getting a backstory like the other girls in the anime, her character is still rather nice and is the only reason why I would like Nico is due to their pairing.

maki and pile

Maki and Pile Pixiv Link

Nozomi on the other hand I like how her backstory is, where she is lonely. Yet she never comes off this way nor wants to show it. Sure she might be a little forceful, but she is a sort of mother like figure to Muse. She looks after them and can help the others out when they need it, such as making Eli not always serious or be just a voice of reason. She has a nice balance between being able to be a humor like character while still being able to hold everyone together when it calls for it.

nozomi and aina

Nozomi with  Aina Kusuda Pixiv Link

Number 0: Umi Sonoda

Do I need to talk about why? Probably not with how many times I have, but I will anyway. Umi is just a lot of things. She is that voice of reason, and elegance. But she is easily embarrassed and sort of is like a conscious to the group. Always making sure they are safe and are doing the right thing. Yes she can sometimes be a bit too cautious, but she can still be a little goofy, even if it is not on purpose.  Plus added bonus is her VA being my favorite one, Suzuko Mimori. Although even if she was not Umi’s VA, I still think I would really like Umi the most. There is just something about her between that easily scared, but serious, but goofy, but voice of reason to the group that I just really like. I may not know why I like Umi the most fully. I just do.

Of course compared to the others I find so many more Umi with Suzuko Mimori.

umi and Suzuko

Umi and Suzuko Mimori Pixiv Link 

It is a little sad knowing that the characters may never be seen again. But when one story ends another one may begin. Everything must come to an end someday.


So, who are your favorite characters from Love Live?

Any Ideas for future Top Fives are always welcome so feel free to comment to message me on twitter.


As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe