Yeah, so, by the title, and the serious feature image. I am taking the hiatus. But I will be back May 1st. Where posts will probably be coming out daily for almost two weeks. So there is some good to come from it. So yay.

I am also not writing this in a word document to then post here. So it is all in one go.

I do have a lot of new and interesting posts for when I come back in mind. As well as a new series. But that new series will be a lot different from anything that has been on here before. It could either go really good or really bad. I have no idea.

I know it is very sad. But yeah.

It is a very short reminder. But I have a lot to do this final month of my final semester of University. I need to find a job, try to find an agent/publisher for my book, and a whole bunch of other school related things.

I will still be on twitter. I suggest following my main over the twitter account if you want to know what is happening. But yeah.

Here is the Main Account. Blog Twitter

Other than that, I have nothing to say but I hope you enjoy whatever happens this next month and I will see you all May 1st.