Well, I am back from that month-long hiatus. So, anyone that is new that came around during that month break, hello. I will talk a bit about my break in a bit. First the new series and then the weird schedule for this month.

Check it Out

I announced this on Twitter, and already have a few suggestions. But that does not answer what this is about.

Anyway I finally figured out an idea when it comes to first impressions, that aren’t seasonal. Basically people recommend me an anime, I watch the first three episodes, then give my thoughts. This is not like a weekly or bi-weekly series like some of my other posts. I have 3 suggestions right now so I hope to do at most two a month. It depends how many recommendations I have. I might do three, probably not though for this month.

Anyway full rules and everything you should know can be found in the Impressions tag, or more easily right here.

Sugestions can be made on either twitter accounts. @josefcd904 or @reviewercorner1

By the way, I haven’t continued with Fire Emblem Fates, so those posts are on hold till I start playing again. Could be a month, maybe 6, playing games can be weird at times. I am getting a new computer so maybe Hyper Dimension Neptunia might take its place.


This month is a little weird for the first week or so. Weekly reviews will be daily till I am on the latest one.

  • May 2-6: Twin Star Exorcists Ep 1-5 Review
  • May 9: Top 5  Over Hyped Anime
  • May 12/13: Twin Star Exorcists Ep 6 Review
  • May 16: The Favs 9: A Certain Scientific Railgun
  • May 19/20: Twin Star Exorcists ep 7 Review
  • May 23: Top 5 Magical Girl Series Revisited
  • May 27: Twin Star Exorcist ep 8 review
  • May 30: The Favs 10: Date a Live


For starters the Check it Out posts will probably be up on the weekends. Episode 7 review might get delayed due to me graduating that following weekend, I doubt it. Impressions will probably be out around the week of the 23rd. It is just going to be Mid and Final. Mid will be 2 posts though.

Also Big Order Reviews will be out on Anime Corps.

Anyway time to talk about life stuff:

This is rather personal, so I am a little uncertain on what I should and should not say. I mean, yes I graduate this month. I only have about 2 more weeks of classes. I am worried since I still have yet to find a job. This of course affects this blog greatly if I find a job or not. I do hope my parents somehow give me until they return from their 25th wedding anniversary vacation. Which will be at the end of June. They know how busy I have been with school work and how little time I had for job hunting, so hopefully. That and my brothers cannot take care of themselves while they are gone. If not then my deadline is fast approaching.After writing this in advance it seems like it may be a possibility my parents are becoming aware of how stressed I have been so here is hoping. it'll be fine

If I get a job hopefully it will not affect here too much. However if I don’t well this is a major problem. Last year I made a post saying I will be uploading late, blah blah blah, because I thought I was going to work in the factory with my dad. That was not the case. If I don’t find a job I will have to work with him.

I worked there two summers. Each summer I did not have any time to write, mostly because I was too exhausted. So if I do have to work there, my time blogging might come to an abrupt end, at least for a short time. It could be a month, it might be a few months. I am rather uncertain. I will try to do at least weekly reviews though, that should not overwork me.

But even then I would want to dedicate more time looking for a job that involves what I went to school for. So, even then I might not even have time to write my book.

I do not want my time here to end not on my own terms. The past year and a half I made people I can call friends, and although I don’t know if they see me the same way, I will still cherish my time here.

But of course if I do get a job with my major I won’t be as exhausted, physically at least. I honestly do not know, my only job (in which I got paid), consists of working in that factory. So I do not know what other jobs would do. But either way expect the possibility of fewer posts in the future.

Okay, so besides being more focused on the insane amount of school work that made me glad I took a hiatus (granted I have much more school work in the final two weeks, but the bulk is done), my job search has not really begun yet. This is why I am worried.

I screwed up

Enough about the bad stuff, time to end on a happier note.

I finished my book, for a third time. Well this is the one I am going to submit for publishing. After getting out my project I needed to do or I don’t graduate, I finished writing the final few chapters in a sitting. Total word count is well over 100k. Average length for books is 80k, while longer books are around 120k. So my guess is it would be around 400 or more pages. So my search for an agent now begins while still doing edits here and there.

Wish me luck.

I mean I know if I get published I still need a job, only about 6% of all writers can make a full-time living off books they published. So unless all the bad luck I always had and good karma I accumulated decides to stop/cash in, hopefully it is for this.

Either way I will definitely give an update on anything like that.


If anything major happens between now and June I will be sure to do a life update post. I am uncertain if I will do one for graduation, maybe on my new computer though.


Other than that, as always thanks for reading. And it is great to be back!