Alright besides me slowly dying by the second of not posting these till the hiatus is over, and how you reader do not get to know this since the first five reviews will be coming out daily time to talk about episode 2. I do not have much to say, other than the first few will be less plot focused, so let’s get right to it.

The Plot:

For starters it threw me off a bit when they did a small recap of the last episode. I do not really see that any more in anime or really anything really. It was only a few seconds thought before sliding right into where the first episode left off. Beino and Rokuro are talking and how Beino is impressed and curious how Rokuro went all One Punch Man last episode.

twin star 2 1

Then they go back to the real world, properly introduce one another before going there separate ways.  Both wish to never see each other again. Odd, seeing they are the two main characters.

Either way to no surprise Rokuro gets home only to see the other exorcists feeding content Beino. I forget if this was before or after the cool opening theme. I really like it, it might not be an action like opening, but it fits.

twin star 2 2

Anyway with Rokuro angry at Beino the original character fox thing that name I am too lazy to look up appears. Either way this image probably has his name in small print.

With the fact Beino is now living with them Rokuro goes to bed. The next morning, Best girl of the season Beino wakes up in her cute rabbit PJs. She goes over to wake Rokuro up to challenge him to a fight. He declines.

twin star 2 5

Beino overhears one of the exorcists, since in all honesty I forget their names due to their rare appearance in the manga. Either way she tags along and wipes the floor with the monster things, Kegare or something like that.

Then after returning Rokuro goes to the bathroom, obvious near ecchi moment with Beino who is furious. Rokuro runs into a half-naked man outside. He happens to be a playboy leader of all exorcists. He explains the situation how he had a premonition at the end of the last episode and came to Tokyo to see them.


The group go to an underground area. Arima Tsuchimikado, the half-naked guy, tells his prophecy. The miko will soon appear and put an end to the thousand-year war with the Kegare.  He then calls both Rokuro and Beino up, and tells them to fight as if it was to the death. This is due to Beino being the strongest in the west and Rokuro being the strongest in the east.

The two fight, not going into full details on how Rokuro was convinced to fight. But they fought till Arima called the fight off. He bestowed the title to both of them Twin Star Exorcists. Time to explain. Twin Star is the title to the parents of the Miko, so Rokuro and Beino are meant to marry and have a baby.

The episode ends and nobody is happy.


Overall Thoughts

For starters flashbacks are nice in this series. They are clearly flashbacks since the screen basically gets focused on just the middle. I rather like that. I am not sure why, it just works rather well. There is always the clear distinction between the two worlds and the present and past. I rather like that.

Music was noticeable in the background. Sometimes I notice but most of the time I don’t. When I do it usually is a good thing. The music in the fight worked really well, might have been a little loud at a few moments, but it worked.

To me, well for this episode, I really do not see the point of the fox original character. I hope it is not just for comic relief since right now I do not see how he will be important at a point in the plot. But next week, err, next episode (still forgetting the posts will be out daily) looks mostly original. However this episode mostly being from the source still proved that the source and original aspects do blend well for this series. Since the manga is battle heavy it is nice to have the moments where no fights are happening. I just hope the anime can keep it up without going too original by the end.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode or series at this point.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe