I think in all honesty this is the first time I have a title of a review that actually has meaning. I will get to more on it at the end. But still, I am actually writing this not during the hiatus but during my return. So, yeah, what now besides something to fill in the intro? Either way enough of that and let’s get started.

The Plot:

So due to not watching the show since episode 3 aired and episode 5 will be out soon, I vaguely remember what happened. Either way besides the previous episode being original and the next episode either skipping a lot in the manga is definitely original. It was nice to have an episode 90% dedicated to source material.

The beginning best girl of the season, Beino is having a solo chat to herself about how much has changed. The guy who the episode revolves around but I don’t remember his name because he is a super minor character, Ryogo, talks to Beino about Rokuro about how he is like a little brother to him and he wants him to become an exorcist once more.

Then it is Sunday, you know what that means? Apparently slaying Kegera, Ryogo and the other two whose names are not important stop by and drop off information. It was another group of Exorcists, and Ryogo mentioned, (hahaha), that he does not want to rely on the power of the Twin Stars. Of course throw in some foreshadowing before ultimately getting to the place they were told to exorcise.

So, fast forwarding, they got their butts kicked going to Magano, which for starters in the manga this was their first time going since they did not know exorcists can go there. They were too weak. This episode either way proved that. Anyway the two nameless guys run back home, Rokuro hears of this.

Rokuro of course wants to save his “Brother.” So he goes to Beino for help. He wants to make sure he can protect his family. But Beino being the cool girl she is agrees to help and that exorcists should not have to bow when asking someone to fight.

Ok, so this next image, thanks to wonderful foreshadowing earlier, Ryogo ran out of talismans to use. After getting his butt kicked some more, guess what? Yes, he has to rely on the power of the Twin Stars to save him.

twin star 4 14

Of course Rokuro being the hero he is shows up at last second to save the day.

Then him and Beino slay everything, have a nice touchy moment at the very end and the episode is over.

Overall Thoughts

I really did like how they went back to the manga. Personally it is sort of weird, it felt like I was almost watching two shows because the switch between original to canon, and next week looks like it will be back to original. I only say this is due to the focus, this episode being canon was meant to be more for Rokuro, at least in the chapter, but in the anime it came off more for a very minor character to get focused.

It did not leave as much impact as last weeks. I am not saying the episode was bad, it just well, turned its focus in what the entire manga is about, Rokuro and Beino and their developing relationship while kicking ass. The lack of Beino this episode really made this apparent.

At the same time it was important to show Rokuro and his other relationships, even if it was more focused on the person and not Rokuro’s thoughts on that person. But there will be plenty of time for Rokuro and Beino’s bond to form, when we finally get the two main fights that the series will cover. Until then I guess it might be alright that it focuses on minor characters. Since it does build on the main ones.

Overall Enjoyment 1/100 Not Enough Beino

Overall Enjoyment without Beino being a factor: 70/100


So why did I call this review “Call of a Hero.” It is a sort of trope and stages of a hero’s journey. There are several steps and one of them is the call. They may refuse or answer this. But it is what really sets the hero on their journey. It could be by force or willingly. This case it was a little of both. Rokuro now knows he has to be an exorcist and this is what will push him forward.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe