Due to the hiatus I was unable to do first impressions of the season. At the same time I sort of viewed it a little pointless to do mid-season impressions like two weeks after doing the first few episode impressions. So the mid-season impressions will be in two parts. I am primarily will be focusing on Ace Attorney for this post, however I will touch upon other shows this season. Unlike previous seasons I actually have not dropped anything, so there is a lot to cover.

Ace Attorney Thoughts

The first episode I noticed a lot of people were mixed. One since as of right now this anime is probably one that follows the game scary well. Some people thought the humor should go, but they are really following the game close and that means humor too.

best girl down 2
Best Ghost Onee-san of the season.

It was due to the anime I actually got the trilogy for the 3DS. I am rather fond of both and I like trying to get ahead in the games just far enough so I am not spoiled and not rushing through the game only to be disappointed. In a way I am doing a side by side comparison, it is rather fun.

So far it is said to cover the first two games. So as of the upcoming episode 7, only the first few cases of the first game has been done. So more than likely it will be two cour. I am actually glad.

Best attorney girl
Possible Best Girl of the season next to Benio.

As a whole though I am a little mixed on the series. It is enjoyable and although it goes at a slow pace, it does cover everything in the games, sure some things are changed around. But it still follows very closely.

I do like what Crunchyroll is doing, since they have two sets of subs for it. One is the actual Japanese ones, using names, phrases, ect. While the other is using the names, ect, for the English version. I kind of like that since it gives variety.

Anyway back to the cases in general. It may take several episodes to get one done, but I do not mind this. It allows for it to cover the games and not make it feel rushed or something is pulled out of nowhere. To me it works what they are doing and I will be glad to add this to the list of anime based on games I completed.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Plot and Serious Judgement as a whole: C (Average)


Other Series:

Also unlike previous seasons I will put their Japanese Name and English name, with a few exceptions.

There are actually a lot. I do weekly reviews for both Big Order and Twin Star Exorcists, however I will cover a little bit on those in the next post.


Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3: I joined it late, as in three episodes into the season. I remember a super long time ago I promised a review of season 1 and I guess 2. But I never finished it. So I guess what I have to say is that I finally did a few weeks ago so I could start Season 3. Overall the second arc in Crystal was alright. Season 3 so far I am rather enjoying it, but me liking the Magical Girl genre the only complaint I have is how fast the fights are over. Most I seen the fights are about 5 minutes of the episode. Crystal is about 2 at most. But I rather enjoy this season so far, more characters, and although I have slight problems with the series as a whole, it is still fun, despite me never seeing the original Sailor Moon beyond episode 30.

sailor pluto is bae
I may have found my favorite Sailor.

Anne Happy (UnHappy): Seriously let me say Slice of Life series are my least favorite, but this season all of them that I am watching are amazing. Unhappy seems to be my favorite or tied for my favorite. I think I am watching like 5 Slice of Life series and all are fairly enjoyable. It is cute and fun and unlike most series I seem to watch I want to watch them on a certain day, this one I don’t seem to care. I may watch it when it comes out or I may not watch it for a few days. I just have fun with it regardless and do not force myself to watch it right away. That is one thing I always like about Slice of Life series and this season seems to do it right with all of them.

you are so pretty you are an angel

Flying Witch: I figured I might as well cover all the Slice of Life series for this impression, or at least try to. This is the other one that could be my favorite Slice of Life this season. It is slow-paced, maybe not as another one, but there is nothing wrong. The characters are rather fun and that is what really makes me like a series. If there are too many bland or annoying characters over actually fun and engaging characters then a series is likely to be dropped. Slice of life also has that slow pacing so if the characters are not that fun, well, that tends to be the main reason for me not liking the slice of life. It is just too boring. But with this season having fun characters in them that slow pace does not feel that slow. I do not find myself bored. Flying Witch seems to do it perfectly with the characters and just random funny moments at just the right time.

best onee san of the season
Best Onee-san of the season.

Kuma Miko (Girl Meets Bear): No, I take it back it is like a three-way tie for my favorite this season for Slice of Life. I mean Best Bear of the season is in this show. Yes it might be considered more of a comedy, but to me it comes more off as a slice of life, sort of. Either way, it is rather enjoyable and I wait for it each week. I did not have a plan to watch any of these last three but Flying Witch and I am rather glad I did decided too.


Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)–  hmm, this one I am a little mixed on. It is super slow-paced; however the humor seems to always go at just the right time. I watch it and know I would get bored at times, but the thing is I don’t. I really do like it. But I am an episode behind since I only just picked it up when three episodes were out.

alone at last

That is all for this post. I will be covering more shows next time. But please share your thoughts on anything you are watching this season, be it if it is these shows or something I did not cover.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe