This show falls under that category of finding anime in a weird way. There is this YouTube channel that is dedicated to the Ojou-sama laugh, and well although I am not a fan of it I got curious. Some things led to another and here I am writing the review. Koihime Musou is the first of three seasons. I am uncertain if I will cover the other two, however let’s begin and focus on this one.

koihime musou pic oneThe anime by Doga Kubo, (looks up), who did anime such as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Plastic Memories was in charge for this series. Although this was way before the time of the previous two series, since it aired back in 2008. Based on both an Eroge as well as the concept of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms the anime takes a different approach from what it is based on. Instead the main character in the Eroge is absent and the anime follows the main heroine, Unchou Kan’u or Aisha. Also for an anime based on an Eroge the concept of ecchi is hardly existent with the acceptation of a few scenes throughout the show as a whole.

Anyway the 12 episode first season follows Aisha where she makes friends and companions on her journey to help put an end to the bandits are a plague on the land. Most episodes are self-contained, but still have chronological order to them. The only real acceptation to this is the final two.koihme musou pic 2

As a whole the art style is alright, and seems like generic 2008 anime style. At the same time depending on the situation when it is a battle they can be done fairly quickly. If it is not well it can switch to chibi as the girls talk. It keeps a rather nice balance between these two.

koihme musou pic 3

There is nothing too amazing for this series, at least right now. There are multiple seasons so perhaps it does get better. The plot is alright too, although there are hints for there being more points. All I can really say is I did not know the Romance of the Three Kingdoms before this and I still don’t know that story having finished it. The series is not bad either. It is just in that neutral state. It does have potential, since it stays away from the Eroge and more focused on the fantasy comedy aspect.

The characters do make up for some problems. Each acting in their own way and although there is a large cast each is not in every episode with exception to the main three. But do keep in mind that this is the Three Kingdoms story, if all of them were female. Again I still do not know the Three Kingdoms story.

Despite being it in neutral territory of not being amazing or bad there is not much more to say. The series is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is available for streaming legally on Crunchyroll.

Overall Score: C-

Recommendation: Give the first two episodes a shot before deciding for yourself to continue or not.

Other series: That is if you watched this or have seen that are like this

Gender Bent Folklore: Momo Kyun Sword


Favorite Ep: 3

Best Girl: Aisha

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe