Well, how can I put this? Well episode five really put me down and made me drag on not watching this episode. I will say it was so much better than episode 5. Plus I am now even more hopeful since it looks like episode 7 might be covering the manga again. This episode however I do remember a very faint, literally a single scene, that was in the manga even then that was drastically not the same. Either way time to get start.

The Plot:

Well, I am starting to get used to that recap from the previous episode, even though it annoys me to the point where I am still not used to it. This seems contradicting, and it is, but either way that was how the episode began.

Best girl of the season, Beino, is in class minding her own business when Mayura shows up. (Please note: I am freaking out since this show may be now 50 episodes long instead of 12 which means a lot of original stuff so if I seem to be freaking out later in this post, this is why. Also I am bad with names so looking up Mayura’s I found this information. It has not been confirmed so I will try not to think too much about this. Also Mayura is one of the 3 most important characters in the manga why can’t I remember her name?)

Where was I? Oh yeah, with the students noting that Beino is mysterious Mayura is curious about her and would like to know her a bit more. Especially since the rumor goes around that she hangs out with a tough crowd. Anyway cue montage.

So after all that is done Rokuro finally really shows up. The typical back and forth with Beino happen before ultimately Rokuro reveals how he would like to help actually being an exorcist. So he does.

Anyway the following day while Rokuro is being an exorcist, Beino goes for a jog and runs into Mayura. The two chat over food. Meanwhile the battle really kicks up since everyone but Beino and Rokuro is useless.

The monster gets destroyed, Mayura did see Beino go to the whatever realm it is called. I am just really bad with names, okay. I will take my annoyance on myself later. But anyway Mayura reveals that she has exorcists in her family. This includes her grandpa, the old guy that Beino lives with. Of course when Mayura finds out Rokuro is living with Beino she is not too pleased, the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

Before I actually talk about my thoughts, I mentioned how this show could have 50 episodes. I typically look up names on Wikipedia, since I know the characters rather well. And well I noticed the 50 episode thing. Crunchyroll came out with an article: Here is the Article in question.

I will talk more about it at the end.

Anyway as for the episode, I rather enjoyed it as I said. One reason being the fact that although Beino and Mayura are the main female characters the two never really had a talk to get to know one another. It is always about exorcisms. Minor spoiler, but at some point Mayura wants to be one too. This is becomes a sort of competition so she can catch up to Beino. Of course I will not say way, or how, or anything else other than that. Regardless it was nice to see these two together.

It was because this focus was actually on plot relevant characters and major ones unlike the last two, which made this episode more enjoyable to me. The battle was not really important even though Rokuro is finally pushing himself to go out there and fight more.

I think the only thing about this episode that slightly bugged me was the minor drop in animation. It was subtle enough for me to catch it for once. These were just in hands or far away details, which tend to get poorly animated anyway.

Still an enjoyable episode either way. At least there has been some good even with all the original stuff happening.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

50 Episodes Rumor:

For starters it could be fake. It might be, but I will now talk why it could actually happen despite how much I do not want to. Although the manga is monthly and much faster paced and action packed the anime hasn’t.

50 episodes may be a possibility. They hardly covered the manga. Yes this would mean a majority of these 50 episodes would be original. But as of right now the anime still has only covered 3 chapters of the manga. Next week may look like it could go back to the manga, but even then there is no real sign of it. As much as I think they would end before the time skip, they would need to start the events next episode that lead up to it to do it by episode 12, which I am still going to say it also may have.

Yet, despite how they been going with the anime and making it original there are other factors that come into play. It airs at 18:25 JST. Which in non-military time is 6:30 pm. Seems a little odd and the only anime that I know that had a similar time on Wednesdays was Gintama, which ran weekly. Out of it all the time slot seems to make me think so, why would a single cour show go on at that time? Most anime, for those who do not know, air past midnight. This is another thing that makes it seem odd with the time slot.

Could this be jumping the gun with that fact? Definitely.  Will I be doing weekly reviews for every episode if it is 50? Probably not. It is possible to be either 50 or 12. The earliest I could take a guess, if no news is out, would be the next episode. How they go about with it could be a key point in figuring this out.


So, what do you think of this news?  Also your thoughts on the show are always appreciated.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe