So besides me typing on my computer and sort of doubting that 50-episode rumor that I was focusing on last week. Welp, it is nice to see some close to canon events, since the last time anything like that happened was around episode 2. Seriously if this was 12 episodes it will probably be all originally at that point. I only hope for fifty so they can cover some of the manga. Anyway, enough chitchat stalling time to actually talk about this episode.

The Plot:

So that old weird pervert underwear guy is back this episode. He tells Beino and Rokuro that he has a trial for them. The two are confused a bit and of course have to go along with it no matter what, so time for a trip. The trial for starters involves showing off a giant house, one with baths, a work out area, a pool, and so much more. This of course is for both the Twin Stars to move in with one another. Needless to say they are not too happy. Also remember since it has been forever since there was any mentioning of it, but Beino and Rokuro have to have a baby, the Miko, to put an end to all the Kagare.

So then when they are alone in their room then the trial begins. Their rooms turn sideways and morph into one. They find out that in order to get free they need to climb up to the air vent to free themselves.

Then yay for romance progression since the series is really about two things, Rokuro and Beino’s relationship, and the battles that are tied with them. Finally, after 7 episodes an original episode covers one of those things. So stuff happens, Rokuro sees Beino’s panties, they work together to escape. That is pretty much it.

Then a monster shows up that make them have to fight for a second. You learn some information on Beino’s twin brother who is dead. Then slight romance progression before the episode is over.

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. I was looking forward to it following the manga again, but so far that only includes them moving in together. But still I am glad they finally focused on their relationship. If this series is 50 episodes then I hope there are more like it, it is something that I enjoy most in the manga. Of course I am not really bothered by this being original. There will be hit or miss with these. So far no episode really stood amazingly out. I am rather puzzled by this rumor which has its effect on my thinking of the anime.  One reason being the time slot that makes me think it is true. But if it is I hope that, since a vast majority will be original episodes, that there are more like this that put a lot of focus on Beino and Rokuro.

Still a very enjoyable episode.

twin star 7 18

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

I wanted to make this review short, to get an idea that if it does turn into 50 episodes, I want to cover a good amount with not being super long. But even so this episode worked better barely going over it since there was not much happening.


As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode.  

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe