So before I begin, this show has been confirmed to be at least 2 cour due to someone being assigned to sing the opening. Which in turn might actually mean the 50-episode rumor might be fact. It is due to this, and me wanting to cover other weekly reviews this summer that these weekly reviews will be shorter, much like last week’s review. Since I plan on covering two maybe three other shows this summer. More on what those shows come the June update. Anyway after that litter public service announcement, let’s get started.

The Plot:

No recap this episode, that actually threw me off.

twin star 8 1

Anyway Mayura was not pleased after discovering last episode that Rokuro and Beino are living together. She confronts them this episode only to not only find out that they have to get married, and have a baby, but also that neither want to do that and it was forced on them. Yet Mayura is still angry after finding out that Rokuro is going out and doing what the title of the series implies, being an exorcist.

So Mayura after her and Beino verbally abused Rokuro, heads home. However, she forgot her charm, which turns out was meant to keep the monsters away. She has high spell power, and Kagare are attracted to that to grow stronger. She gets taken rather quickly. But just in the nick of time Rokuro saves her.

It cuts away to show the dorm, when a man, Seigen, who appeared for a few seconds at that start appears and beats up the nameless members since I clearly forgot them. He is Mayura’s father, and the son-in-law of Mayura’s grandfather. I honestly keep thinking he is the son not son-in-law. Also he is Rokuro’s master.

Anyway Seigen then goes and beats the monster that Rokuro and Beino were having trouble with. Then Seigen wants to fight Rokuro to see how far he came, since he is using his arm, and Seigen is not too pleased by this. They fight and it is over after a few seconds.

While the fight happened the members at the dorm started to talk about the tragedy from two years ago. This scares the grandma. Then while cutting back to Beino and Rokuro they talk about the same thing. The true events that happened. Rokuro is the sole survivor and killed the members there that were turning into Kagare. However, it turns out Beino’s brother was there. She gets furious just as the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

I do not remember the manga fully, but I am like 50% sure that Mayura getting attacked did not happen, everything else did happen though. I think they also think, since I could be wrong, they skipped the monster that killed Beino’s parents. Or maybe this happened before. It has been awhile since I read the manga, since I decided not to read while the anime airs. It will be fun when these highly possible 50 episodes’ end and I have about 20 or more chapters to read.

Anyway, this was the start in the manga that made me hooked.

This episode’s first half felt slow, but it was really towards the end where I was getting that same feeling I got with the manga. I wanted to watch more. After 8 episodes it is finally at this point. Until now there has been that odd balance where it was not doing enough to be a romance, or comedy, or action. Now that the drama is starting to kick up hopefully the romance and action will start to form since it will all change from here on.

Another thing that I have noticed is that both Rokuro and Beino are a lot weaker in the anime then they are in the manga. I find that a little weird.

Either way it was a rather enjoyable episode and next week continues the canon by going further in depth of Rokuro’s past.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode.  

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe