I am not really sure how to start this update post. Typically, I know what I am going to say from the start and go from there. This time not so much. I mean I have a few ideas on what I will be talking about, but I guess I will start with the remote schedule after a brief message, before talking about weekly reviews, since I really need to talk about them.
              The last month I did not really get anything I wanted to on my schedule for posts. This is mostly due to, graduating, getting my new computer and playing games on it, and really just being busy with school stuff. Now that it is June and my days will be focusing on Job hunting, I should be able to get a lot of posts done before that Steam Summer Sale and games take up my time and thus the cycle continues.



Twin Star Exorcists reviews will be out on Fridays, unless something comes up. The days that it will be out, 3, 10, 17, 24.

June 4: 300TH post special (It will not be called 300th post special, the name will be revealed upon release)

June 6: The Favs 9: A Certain Scientific Railgun

June 13: Top 5 Magical Girl Series Revisited

June 19: Top 5 Anime Dads

June 20: The Favs 10: Date a Live

June 27: Upcoming Anime

Final impressions, and pre-season impressions will be in there. Most likely the final two weeks of the month.

I know I said I wanted to start my new series of posts last month, hopefully this month I can. They will be out on Saturdays or Wednesdays depending whenever I feel like uploading.

Weekly Reviews News:

So, to those that been following my Twin Star Reviews there was the rumor of it being 50 episodes. Right now that has sort of been confirmed to be true. At least a second cour has been announced. Due to this catching my off guard I still want to cover as much of the series I can. For now, I will be keeping the short format that I started to do and not go into much detail. This is mostly because of what I plan to review come the summer. This will not hopefully bother the other series I am reviewing. If it does I might cover it in groups of 3 or something like that.

So, counting Twin Star, I might be doing four total. Key word is might be. It really depends. Now, I know I can do two weekly reviews, I did it both with Monster Musume and Actually I am, last summer, and I have done two for the last two seasons, one here and one on Anime Corps. But this summer is different.

twin star 7 6

Two that I am certain I will cover is Taboo Tattoo (which will more than likely be on Anime Corps) and Mob Psycho 100 (which will be here). Mob Psycho 100 I did not read the manga, but it is by the person who did One Punch Man. It looks and sounds enjoyable. These would be covered how I normally cover anime.

Now that unknown is Keijo, (which also might be here). I only put this as an unknown due to several things. Mostly since I do not know when it is airing. If it airs on any of the days that the other shows air, I do not want to double up. I know Twin Star will stay Wednesday and Taboo Tattoo will be Tuesday. Mob Psycho 100 I do not know. But I also do not want to come out with 3 weekly reviews here and another post each week. That is unless I decide to put Top Fives and The Favs on hold until the fall season. I am uncertain. I will however know more come the next update and more sooner the Pre-Season impressions. Also it may be unknown if it will be airing in the summer.

So, I will be doing a poll, since this is not just about how I feel about it. But keep in mind if it airs on the same day as one of those shows I may say no altogether. Also getting a job could play a role too, so that is really unknown territory.

300th Post News:

I had to do a little math. Technically the 300th post happened. At the same time, it did not. This is due to 3 of those 300 posts being collaborations from literally forever ago last year. As much as I like doing collabs there are a lot of problems between scheduling and so much more. Anyway, since I did not write those, I am not counting them. The 300TH Post is an idea I had for a while now.  It is in a way a collab, but I want it to mean something. I will be tweeting it out a lot once it comes out. I will not say much about it, but I would appreciate it if you were to check it out. Hopefully then this 300th post can be more special than it just being the 300th post.


Also I may be changing the layout so, thing may be changing a lot, since I now notice a major problem with the design on my new computer.

I do not have much to say other than that, but feel free to give suggestions to anything as always be it here or on the official twitter.

– Joe