Finally getting to the good stuff. Yes, although most of this episode was original stuff, it still stayed true to canon and either way it was a good episode. More on that later though. For starters as mentioned in my June Update since this series is going to be more than one cour it will be shorter on describing the plot. Mostly so I do not get exhausted and can work on other weekly reviews come summer while still working on this series. I want to cover as much as possible be it if it is 24 episodes or 50. So with that said let’s get right to it.

The Plot:

So not skipping a beat from last week’s cliff hanger that Rokuro killed Beino’s brother. Beino is still really angry. She was unable to find the one that killed her parents, however the person responsible for killing her brother was with her all along. Well, not quite.

twin star 9 1

Seigen, since I finally looked up his name, explains the truth, sort of. That there was more to the tragedy than simply Rokuro killing them.

twin star 9 2

Then the main villain shows up. He is none other than Yuto, Beino’s twin brother. Also he was the mysterious figure that has been seen since episode 5.

Beino of course is in shock. But then back story time of the tragedy reveals that her perfect Onii-sama was a twisted monster since birth. That was half the episode.

twin star 9 6

So, of that back story time, it was revealed Yuto was turning the children of the dorm into Kagere. The children believed they Yuto was going to help increase their power to make them as strong as him and Rokuro. Needless to say they never saw it coming.

Anyway back to the present Beino, who is finally after 9 episodes showing signs of why I deemed her best girl of the season before the season started, is having a little bit of an identity crisis. Of course her brother reveals more of his true nature.

Rokuro then snaps and goes to attack him. His arm appears to be monsterfied, and he goes all out only to be beaten down easily by Yuto. Yuto also asks Rokuro to side with him.

Beino gets in the way since Rokuro was nearly dead. Yuto then leaves, they go back to the real world. Beino apologizes for the problems her family caused. Rokuro and Beino then vow to get stronger together.

twin star 9 16

Overall Thoughts:

So I am starting to think that this series will have canon elements mixed with original stuff. This episode is probably the best example of how amazing it can be. I am a little worried since a character, as far as I know, who was not in the manga yet that is part of those 12 seat guys will appear next episode. It always bugs me when anime does that, make a character for a group that has not fully appeared in the manga. One reason being is that if I read the manga it might not be the same without them. The other is that they could be better than their manga counterpart.

Anyway, this episode really was similar to the point in the manga that got me hooked. They will have to cover the Kagere that killed Beino’s parents at some point since it is super important in the plot and minor spoilers is another main villain in the series.

I do like how they did not cover all of the tragedy, since there is a lot they did not cover. I did enjoy that since the manga just went right through and showed everything and it was done. Now they can build the other half up more. I do wish they covered Beino’s back story before Rokuro’s like in the manga, but this is fine since plot is moving forward. It is due to this villain that these two actually start getting along. It might not be until the time skip where their relationship becomes more focused. But if this anime is 50 episodes, probably that halfway point we will get the time skip.

Either way with this episode I hope more can take this as an example of a good blend of original and canon.


Overall Enjoyment: 99.9/100 (I can never give a 100)

So what where your thoughts on this episode?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe