Hello, I am Josef Davis, I am sort of uncertain how to begin this post. At the time this was posted I have been blogging for well over a year. In that time, I have made many friends blogging.  Some have more experience than me, and some a little less. But no matter who I ask and this includes myself, but it seems to be that the saddest thing about blogging is when that new and fresh blogger stops after only a short time. I have seen many like this. So, for this post I hope these tips can help a blogger starting off, or even one that has been blogging for some time.

I do not want it to make it all about my opinion. I also do hope that not all blogs are anime related and that these tips can be used for just about anyone. So, veterans of blogging, please type suggestions and tips for comments, feel free to reblog this as well so we can help one another out. I will add all suggestions to the page, as well as a link to your blog. The blog can be from any platform as well, not just WordPress.

My Suggestions:

  • If you are doing this for views and think you will become internet famous overnight, I hate to be harsh, but that will not happen overnight. It takes time and it happens differently for everyone. But it is about being patient and diligent.


  • Try to find something that you focus on. For example, I may do weekly and series anime reviews, but I also have other posts. Some are focused on a specific sub-genre of something while others may cover a larger verity.


  • Find other bloggers that write the same stuff as you. Being a regular on other people’s blogs can help them become regulars on yours. At the same time, it is a nice way to make friends as well. But there is nothing wrong with finding bloggers that write things that you do not focus on.


  • It does not matter if you blog once a day, a week, or even month, try to stick with it the best you can, it is like anything, once it becomes a routine it is easy to stick with. This is really important since most starting bloggers fail to have motivation.

Other Blogger Sugestions:

MirrorPurple: https://mirrorpurple.org/

  • Be extremely nice to the community. Like me. Skyping is a must too.

Tsuyuki: https://yukiarumaya.wordpress.com/ and https://animewithsky.wordpress.com/

  • Always try to improve your content and remember to listen to your audience. These two go very much hand in hand.
  • By listening to what your audience has to say whenever you try something new or whenever you stick to the same rhythm every post, you can find what way of changing best suits you and your content.

JekoJeko: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/

  • Don’t write in a way you think will get more views. Write in way that makes you proud when you look over what you’ve written.

Falconhax: https://falconhaxx.wordpress.com/

  • Short and to the point. Good advice

Magnitude Reviews: http://magnitudeanimereviews.wordpress.com/

  • Take your time writing a post. Don’t be pressured by your own schedule to make a post. If you will be skipping a review (or post) then be sure to tell your followers over social media.
  • Be sure to be friendly with other bloggers, comment and follow them on wordpress and twitter all while trying to start up a conversation.
  • Running a blog is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Arria Cross: http://fujinsei.com/

  • Be genuine when talking to other bloggers. More often than not, I can sense when a blogger tries too hard to connect with me that it feels very condescending & I ultimately feel offended.

Devenluca: https://animethief.wordpress.com/ and https://animewithsky.wordpress.com/

  • Always be nice to the community and write the posts that you’re passionate about. The views will come as people see that you love what you’re talking about.

Sunite: https://dailyanimeart.com/

  • I believe that consistent is key, the more you post about what you love, the more you’ll be involved in what you are doing.
  • Sooner or later, you will find people who are into the same things as you. I’ve been blogging for around 5 or so years and come along so many great blogs, and with enough time, a blog can flourish into a great one.
  • So don’t give up, interact with your niche and community and you will get some great people following back.

The Otaku Judge: http://theotakujudge.wordpress.com/

  • Anyone who hopes to become internet famous by blogging will be disappointed. It’s a great hobby for people who like to write and interact with folks who share similar interests though.

Krystallina: http://daiyamanga.wordpress.com/

  • Sometimes an article you think will get a lot of attention won’t. But there will also be articles you think no one is interested in that does get a lot of hits.
  • Just keep on writing what you want without worrying about your view count.

NaChiKyoTsuki97: http://atmafunomena.wordpress.com/

  • Blogging is a give-and-take relationship with knowledge: write with purpose and with gravatas, aim to entertain, to teach and to connect.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to dig around too: perhaps some new unearthed knowledge will inspire you to conjure up more ideas.
  • Perspective is key: like trying to sand a perfect sphere, try to sand/brush off a perspective you don’t like, and the discussion will no longer roll smoothly.

lynlynsays: http://lynlynsays.wordpress.com/

  • Not everyone is going to like what you write, and you shouldn’t take others’ opinions to heart. You can only write with the best of your abilities and be proud of the post you publish.

jeffreybotah:  http://jeffreybotah.wordpress.com/

  • I’d say that you should always write about things that genuinely interest you and never worry about what you think other people want to see. At the end of the day people go onto your blog to read your thoughts.