With the fact that this series is probably going to be 50 episodes, I do plan on sticking through it all to the best of my ability. It also seems that the more time passes each week the more I bring it up. But the real question is will they be able to hold up the story for 50 episodes for what will mostly be original work.  It is still too soon to say my overall thoughts on this. But this is probably a better conversation for the end of the first cour instead of the 1/5th mark. With that said, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, last week’s amazing episode ended with Beino and Rokuro vowing to get stronger together. A quick flashback shows they asked Seigen to help with their training, he turned them down stating he was too busy.

twin star 10 1

The next day however a mysterious ojou-sama appears. It turns out it is Beino’s mentor, Subaru MItejima. She also has an ally, I forgot his name since he speaks in emojis. Anyway besides her wondering how the married life goes for the young couple, which they are still quick to deny, she accepts Rokuro’s request to train them.

The following day Beino and Rokuro are sent to do a few things, get nice close on, go basically on a date. There were a few funny moments with their reactions to some things, also Beino realizing how training when she was little does not seem so much as training now with some of the things her master taught her.

Anyway after ditching the request to kiss and they found out the Chief Exorcists (underpants guy) is paying for everything, food and lots of Beino’s favorite snacks are on the menu as the plan to make him go broke.

twin star 10 9

But as the young couple enjoys their time together, without realizing it, Kagare appear because there needs to be monsters of the week in this show.

Rokuro’s arm goes out of control, much like last weeks. Beino does a spell, which takes a toll on her, but it calms Rokuro down so he can regain control.

twin star 10 10

Then with their being a seemingly large army of Kagare, the sensei pulls through with her magical guns.

They put a spot to it, and apparently Subaru-sama decides to stay to start their training. Since she told them one way for them to get stronger together is for their bond to get stronger.

twin star 10 13

Overall Thoughts:

I am getting right to it before I explain them. This episode was another good example like last week. This was original, however signs of that other important aspect of the series, the romance, was a large focus and it captured it well.  The only problem with this episode was the drop in animation. This was from faces at times to still frame action shots. 50 episodes and well there will be these problems since it is hard to have good quality for a large quantity. I was going to say Studio Pierrot doesn’t do weekly series, but they did both Naruto and Bleach, so filler galore there for a lot of other weekly series.

Anyway back to the episode as a whole. It had nice flow to it and did not throw just random aspects in there. The show started off rocky but I think now 10 episodes in it is starting to get the groove of things. The animation as I said was the only thing taking away from enjoyment for me for this week. But in terms of plot, it was a good episode.

On another note I do like the fact Rokuro is losing control of his arm, I have a feeling I know why and if I were to say why it would be a spoiler. It did not happen in the manga, but it is certainly something I am finding interesting that is happening in the anime that I will look out for more.


Overall Enjoyment: 80/100 (With animation considered for minus 10)

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on this episode. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe