A long long time ago, seemingly (but not really) in a much darker time things were different here. The early days of the Reviewer’s Corner, when it was still trying to take its first steps into the world, I was different. I was still new to sharing my ideas and my love for certain anime. It was the fifth ever Top Five I did, Magical Girl series. Because of the subject, and me being an older male, this topic did embarrass me to discuss.
Over time here I became less embarrassed on some subject matter when it comes to anime. I am much more open why I like these series. Yes they may be repetitive in terms of plot sometimes. However all share in common the idea of friendship, never giving up, and the power of bonds. There is no real drama and after a long and hard day it is a nice way to watch a series that is both inspiring in some way, entertaining, and although simple relaxing and fun throughout. So, it is finally time to correct my mistake from over a year ago. Without further ado Top Five Magical Girl series Revisited.

This is not only the first Top Five I am revisiting but one with the most changes since the first one. So Previously on Top Five Magical Girl series:

Number 5: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Number 4: Sailor Moon

Number 3: Happiness Charge PreCure

Number 2: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Number 1: Yuki Yuna is a Hero



Number ?: Is this a Zombie?

I figured I might as well start with one I am not sure if it would fit the list or not. It has been a very long time since seeing this series. I just remember season 2 getting dubbed, so I think it has been 3 years now. Either way although a comedy the guy does become a zombie magical girl, despite still being a guy. So this counts right?


Number 4 & 5: Sailor Moon Crystal & Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Sailor Moon Crystal, how can I say this? I did enjoy it. I have not tried to continue with the original series after stopping last year. I never finished season one for the original. But Crystal I finally finished recently before the third season began. Although I promised I would do a review on it, along with Magi Season 2, it is highly unlikely I will. One since it took me a year to finally sit down and watch the final two episodes and Magi Season 2 I still have yet to watch.

So, why is it on here? I may have found it enjoyable, but there are just so many problems with the second half and towards the first half. The romance is too rushed; the villains seem a little incomplete. One thing the original did was give time for the villains. They may be following the manga for Crystal, which I enjoy, but I do wish there was some filler to it to give more time for the characters.

I will say that now that I am watching it weekly, Crystal is a bit better in its third season, yes there are problems, but I still enjoy it. Since all paragraphs and most that follow after this was written way before this my view has changed slightly, so much so I had to make the number 4 and 5 spot tied since it is hard to say which I like more. Although I would lean a bit more toward Crystal depending how this season ends.

sailor pluto is bae
Best Sailor Reminder

Personally the only real reason Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya is here is due to well, me realizing that most magical girl series I seen are part of a franchise and I would prefer to keep it limited to just one from that franchise. On another note, it feels like I seen a lot less than I thought I did.

First, and probably more obvious reason this is on the list, I like Fate in general. The other being the characters, personally I would have liked to keep it off this list with how ecchi and fan serves filled this series is. It is honestly at the point where I may or may not watch the fourth season. Mostly since I did not finish the third. But to me out of all the magical girl series I seen, this one I qualify the least magical girl like. If not for being a Fate spin-off, it would probably not only be not on this list, but I probably never would have seen it to begin with. So, Sailor Moon and this could easily be switched in terms of places due to this factor.

the mask

Number 3: Fresh PreCure

Originally I had Happiness Charge for the PreCure franchise. To date I have seen some of Smile, Go Princess, and currently watching the recent one as well as Suite. Before Happiness Charge finished it was the series that really got me into the genre. So it held a bit of a higher place despite finishing both Doki Doki and Fresh at the time. Now that time has passed I have to say Fresh is my favorite. The characters mostly and although I like what Happiness Charge did making the PreCure an international thing, it was just executed poorly by the end. It introduced a lot of interesting things, but Fresh on the other hand kept it the right way. It was not about something on a global scale, but a smaller one. Sure other series have been like this. But Fresh has been my favorite.

Alright done talking in circles, besides the characters that monster of the week plot that all the series have, I just liked it more for Fresh. Doki Doki had a bunch of random ones that I liked and the villains had random powers, which has not really been a thing since this series. But the monsters more so in Fresh related to the characters and a trouble they were going through at the time. It added to their characters which I really liked. In fear of going more so in circles, I will end that here.

Also to avoid spoilers that main villain at the end is probably the most surprising thing in almost any anime I seen.

Setsuna/Cure Passion is one of my favorite Cures.

Number 2: Madoka Magica

I vaguely remember the original Top Five, besides the obvious being nervous factor that is. I do remember saying that although I never seen Madoka Magica if I did it probably would be here. Personally I was close to putting it at the number one spot before I realized how much of an error that would be.rip mami

So, with Madoka, I tried watching it two times before actually watching it. It was only the first episode in both cases. It almost happened a third time until I decided to go to the second episode knowing it might happen again. I really liked it. At the same time, it contradicts why I enjoy magical girl series.

As I stated I like them because of what they stand for. Without that then well, it is hard to say. Personally I would not watch them if not for that reason. Madoka is good. Granted now my problem is never seeing the third film, but I finished the anime.

I guess because there was that suspense and the fact it threw everything that draws me to the series out the window is why I like it. I feel there is nothing wrong with liking something that does that. It makes it different, unique in its own way. Sure to me the ending was a slight problem. There is also the over hype for it. It was enjoyable either way.

best girl from madoka

Number 1: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

I am glad I did not do a Fav post for this one yet. Where can I start with this one. If I were to sit down and actually figure out my Top Ten anime, which it has been awhile since I did, this show would probably make it in there.

fate and nanoha againSure it is not really monster of the week. It is also much more action packed, but the values of what I like about this genre is there.

Plus, I love how the characters’ age and you see what they are like growing up. Fate and Nanoha start off I want to say nine, but by Vivid the two are obviously married, there is no denying it, and almost twenty or are twenty. Sure Vivid is a slight problem with not having a conclusion, but I would love to see a true sequel to this series someday.

There is so much more why I love this series, between the stories, how it can build up, and just the characters in general. It is certainly a rare anime to be seen that is like it. But what it does on so many levels make me like it so I could say it is in my Top 10. But that is certainly a story for another day.

Be Careful

I normally would say what are your Top Five (insert titles here), but for once I just want to say I am glad I could come back and correct where I went wrong over a year ago. If there are any Top Fives you would like toma see me redo feel free to tell me. Any ideas on some in general also comment.

Still feel free to say what your Top Five are.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe