Well, a few things I would like to say. First when it comes to shows that are about 50 episodes long the 3-episode test does not really work. I believe that “3-episode test should be about 1/4th of the series. So 12 episodes in a 50-episode series case should be seen. I can see me having plenty of highs and lows, especially next week, but more on that one in a bit. I also decided that due to the fact the anime is so original compared to the manga, that I completely see them as two different things. For once reading the manga would give you a completely different story. But more on that high and low thing later and why I think next week will be a high. So let’s get started.


The Plot:

So, after the typical brief catch up on what happened, Rokuro and Beino are doing sowing, I honestly forget the correct term of what they are doing. Anyway, Rokuro gets a little frustrated. He teases Beino on her pattern. She then finds out she got her skirt attached to it. After that frustration is over Rokuro goes to their lovely master.

So, besides them begging to be actually taught to get stronger. Their master says that if they can find her by sunset she will teach them. So, hide and seek. She had this planned from the start since she exploded revealing it was a familiar. Rokuro and Beino run around the house. Oddly enough Beino besides getting frustrated finds a clue in Rokuro’s dirty magazine he hid.

Rokuro then runs off after the note said she was not in the house. But running all around tone would not lead them anywhere. But they find clues as time goes on. So instead of explaining what places they went to here are some Beino reaction faces, something the manga does not have but the anime does and does right.

Of course these reaction faces, I mean places they go to does not last long. Soon the monster of the week shows up. It is a squid, or octopus, I can never tell them apart when they look like this.

twin star 11 8

Anyway it does something with the air and messes with their vision. They then do what their master wanted to teach them, know each other’s moves and attack without the need of communication. After beating the monster, it is revealed to be their master. Who again leaves, after they think they caught her, but it was another familiar.

The scene cuts away and just as it seems the episode is coming to a close with the master leaving, the second main antagonist makes his debut.  Sorry and not sorry for that spoiler.

twin star 11 11

Overall thoughts:

The last few weeks have given a few good episodes of original work. This episode not so much. Most training in the manga happens off-screen really. So, episode that only sort of builds the rom-com, is alright. It could have been better. The only real thing this episode gave over shadowed it in an instant with the ending.

However, as I said earlier this show will have high and low episodes. This is to be expected of a 50-episode series and one that is mostly original compared to the source. This falls in between. It could have been better, but it could have been worse. I think I am now starting to accept that this is something separate from the manga. Too bad my hype for it so far has not lived up to it. Maybe closer to the end of the series.

Next week marks the 1/4th way through, which is where I may say more on the series as a whole at that point. Other than that this episode was okay. I just wish they did not make every episode monster of the week. This episode might have been stronger if there was no monster, but it worked with what was trying to be accomplished.

Next week is something to look forward to. So yeah.


Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

As always your thoughts on the episode are appreciated. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe