So, since mother’s day happened and I did a Top Five Anime Moms. I did not think it would be so popular that people asked for a Father’s Day one, also older sisters, younger sisters, and other combinations of siblings. But let’s just focus on this one for now. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Also before anyone says anything technically Saber is the father for Mordred, but King of Waifus will not be on this list. So go read the wiki.


What Makes a Dad on this list:

Since I talked about why I like the mom character time to talk what I like about the dad character. I might actually start doing this little segment in future Top Fives.

I like the dad who is supportive, one that sets himself as an important role model. Of course like most anime series the parents are hardly ever there. In the father’s case if they are around they are either, never around, evil, a bad influence, or that small percent of actually being supportive and as a good role model. So here are to the few good anime dads. Also dead, there are a lot that are dead.


Number 5: Johnathan Joestar (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Part 1)

So, this Jojo is kind of a dad. Obviously this one will contain spoilers so, yeah. I mean, granted he dies not knowing he would be a dad, but still. He fits the role rather well. His final moments were protecting his wife and the baby that would not only be Best Mom and Best Girl for Jojo, Lisa Lisa, but also his unborn child. I mean I could have picked my favorite Jojo, Joseph Joestar, but I think Johnathan works just as well even though you can see a lot more of the Part 2 Jojo as a dad. Both fit the role, and although he was unable to play a role in his child’s life, without him his child would not have a life. He made the necessary sacrifice so his child could live.


 Number 4: Igneel (Fairy Tail)

Besides me seeing the trend that the father dies, but Igneel is a dragon, why should he not be on this list? For 400 chapters of the manga Natsu looks for him. He was the man, err, dragon that raised him as his own child. Although he kept a lot of secrets about Natsu and his birth he did it out of love. He taught him everything he needed to know. In the end he sacrificed himself to protect his son and friends. I am getting teary eyed thinking about it.

dragon stuff

Number 3: Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

So, Tuxedo Mask technically died, sort of, he came back to life, twice. I mean granted my biggest problem, and the people who follow my twitter probably see this, but there are times were it does not feel like him and Usagi do not acknowledge ChibiUsa as their daughter.

But if not for him being top Husba- For reasons I will not go into, he would probably not be as high on the list. Also his future self seems to be another reason on this list. He really cares for his daughter and although him and his wife shove the care for her to their younger selves, he does it with good intention. He even sacrificed himself so she would live.

tuxedo kamen

Number 2: Gohan (Dragon Ball)

Gohan died at some point right? I mean in the alternate future he did, but was their another case? I never saw the Buu saga. Anyway, Gohan is a way better dad than Goku was. Goku is not on this list. Between Super and the films with Pan, since I never seen GT, Gohan really cares for his daughter. Recently he started to pick up training again to make sure she could protect her. At the same time, he always puts her first, turning down an important promotion knowing it would take time away from her. He is very admirable since he puts his daughter before both work and fighting, even if he does both thinking about her safety. Plus Videl I forgot to put on Best Mom’s list.


Now, who could be the true number 1? Well, he is from a series previously mentioned, however despite not having kids of his own, he still made a great father figure and even grandfather figure.


Number 1: Piccolo (Dragon Ball)

How can he not be, he raised Gohan and plays babysitter for Pan. I am certainly inserting the tweet I am thinking of. But Piccolo looks after both thinking of their best interests. He protected them and looked after Gohan when his real father was not around, even when his real father was around he still acted more of a Dad. Thank you TeamFourStar for pointing all this out. But not just that even later when Gohan is an adult he still sacrifices his life to save Gohan knowing Gohan needs to look after Pan. This was in the Golden Freeza saga. But even then Gohan always looked up to Piccolo seemingly more than his own dad. Also like everyone on this list he died too. Why do all dads die on this list?

Anyway, what is there not to say. He may not have his own kids, but as a mentor and father figure he fits it the best. Even if he is a total Tsundere and would not admit it.


Anyway, who are your favorite anime dads?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe