Alright, so, originally my plan was to do a series up to this point review. That is not the case. This is mostly due to the heavy connection of two canon episodes back to back. So needless to say I am super excited since, well I will get more on that reason later. Time to talk about the episode.


The Plot:

Where to begin. So, after that insanely long recap, which by the end I was grateful for. Wow. Sorry, I will try to hold back what I feel now and go serious. Anyway a strange man appears. He seems to talk to a Kagera. Anyway since it did not answer his question he killed it. He happens to be looking for the Twin Star Exorcists.

twin star 12 1

Anyway with a very brief scene of Rokuro training, trying to control the power in his arm, he decides to stop only to see smoke. The saying goes where there is smoke there is fire, however in this case it is Beino cooking.

The strange concoction she dubs the Beino Special. It is apparently nutritious. So after a freak out over how bad her cooking is Rokuro offers to cook and whomever is better will set the standard. So Beino goes to jog while Rokuro prepares dinner.

Beino started to think of her past and more specifically her parents (because in the manga this happened before she found her brother again). They are somewhat random of her seeing them fight a Kagare. They kill it and she wishes to be as strong as them one day. Of course this flashback is interrupted by a haunting memory of her parent’s death.

Then just before going home a Kagare appears snapping her out of her memories. She goes to slay it only to be interrupted by the man from earlier, who kills it in one hit. He asks her if she knows of the twin stars or he will kill her.

Then he says the same line as the Kagare that killed her parents. Snapping Beino realize that he was the Kagare. Then going into the main reason why I called her best girl of the season, she goes to try to kill him. Of course he knocks her out almost instantly.

He does not remember all the exorcists he killed. He then goes to kill her before Beino throws a punch knocking him back. Of course he gets back up again and before the real fight can begin the episode ends.

twin star 12 13

Overall Thoughts:

I will start with the negative. As a whole this series is good when it wants to. With the fact it is mostly original it is fifty fifty that it may not always be great. However, when it comes to the source, which is far and few in between for episodes, it really gives a reason to continue watching. A part of me feel that it is due to reading and enjoying the manga I am able to hold on as long as I have. I see some who are thinking of dropping while others are going to wait until it finishes to watch. It is hard to say more on both my perspective and a little bit of what other perspectives I have seen. However, I still really would like feedback on your thoughts to this point and if you have or have not read the manga.


As a whole this episode was rather good. I do like the fact that with the anime having that original aspect of Rokuro’s arm going out of control makes it rather entertaining to see where they could go with it, especially if it ties more with its origin.

The episode was so enjoyable again because it was canon. But just because it was canon does not always make it good, episode 4 was a great example. This episode all revolved around Beino and Rokuro and really only three characters were the focus. There was a small scene that I forgot about with other Exorcists, but it did not affect everything else.

They are finally giving the backstory the main two characters, more specifically Beino. It was these battles in the manga that helped the two of them grow closer as a team. So it can be interesting to see what they do after this. I hope we get at least one more episode, followed by a maybe 2-episode original break, then back into the fight.

The pacing in this show has been weird. However, seeing as this is a canon episode which leads to another, hopefully to keep the flow going the pacing can finally match what could turn this show from alright to maybe great by the end of it. It is hard to say. But after 12 episodes the potential is finally showing.


Overall Enjoyment: 95/100


Going off of my proposed question above, but as always what are your thoughts on this episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe