Well, I did say I would do a review on the OVA, well, here it is. Needless to say it sort of reminded me that these characters are terrible to one another. The only thing I can think of that this could be compared to, since I been watching it a lot lately, is the American Sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, mostly due to how the character’s act around one another and how they treat others terrible. Anyway, besides the fact that I still enjoy this show regardless, January is still a bit ways away until Season 2 will air. So time to enjoy this OVA to the fullest.


The Plot:

So, yay for Wiz being a main star in this OVA. Well, she was just as important as everyone else, this includes the new girl, and self-proclaimed rival of Megumin as well as a member of the crimson demons, Yunyun.

Anyway, they all meet in Wiz’s shop. Megumin and Yunyun start fighting, although it is more one-sided since Megumin is the one doing all the fighting. Kuzuma of course just wants peace and quiet.

While this is going on Kazuma finds a choker that Yunyun dropped. Darkness asked for a few things as well. But Kazuma continued to look at the choker which grants wishes. Well, it does not really grant wishes he discovers after he puts it on. It forces people to grant their own wish. If they don’t in four days, they die. It does happen to be popular with the ladies for whatever reason.

So day one then starts. The girls, including Yunyun and Wiz all try to grant Kazuma’s desires. On day one it starts off with a lap pillow on Wiz. Darkness is forced to take off her armor and do pushups, much to her own pleasure. Aqua is freaking out thinking she will be defiled, but she is forced to go get Kazuma food.

Then there is Megumin and Yunyun. Kazuma says they are to duel, but under his conditions. This is no duel to the death. Instead it is the deadly game of losing self-pride in strip rock, paper, scissors.

Day one ends with Aqua saying she was defiled, when in all honesty she lost money and got markers on her face.

Day two starts with random cosplay (it wasn’t cosplay) battles between Yunyun and Darkness. Other things include Aqua running more errands, Darkness doing physical labor and so on.

Day 3 involves time in the bath, Darkness washing herself, Aqua looking for a hot spring, and well, I did not take pictures of this scene.

The day ends with Kazuma realizing that he really made no wish as well as how all his wishes were granted.

Then the final day. In his grief, and finally receiving some peace a faint click goes off. But Kazuma confesses everything to the girls on his thoughts about them. He knows he will die and starts to accept that. Of course the click was the choker coming off. The girls became angry. Well, he dies either way.

Overall Thoughts:

Well, besides giving me the urge to rewatch the first season and wish even more that season 2 was here, I did enjoy it. Most series when it comes to OVAs it is an excuse to be much more ecchi than normal and crank up the fan service when it is a show that has very little. In most cases OVAs I skip since it does not really feel like an episode of the show I watch. Konosuba although it did have those ecchi moments, it still gave the feeling I was watching a normal episode of the show.

The series as a whole although a comedy, it still maintained the balance before with action, fantasy, and now with it balancing the ecchi I am starting to think they could throw almost anything in there and it would somehow work. This is obviously something to watch after watching the show.

I think the only problem I had with it was how they introduced Yunyun. It felt like this could take place within or after season two judging by what the light novels are about since I vaguely remember looking at their plots thinking season 2 would not be a thing. Anyway, even then that did not take the whole episode down. It did not matter that she was thrown in there, it just worked.

Still it was enjoyable and really brought back the magic of the series that literally finished airing just a few months ago.


Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

As always your thoughts on this episode are appreciated. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe