Alright, it is the start of a new month, sort of, which means update time. Wow June went by a lot faster than I thought it would either way time to talk about not what is just happening this month, but something that will affect the next few months.

The Favs Posts are Stopping:

So, as the title of this section suggests, I am stopping the posts. This is only for the summer. Top Fives will be every other week though. One reason being that I am reviewing 3 shows this season, two are on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. But it is not just weekly reviews being the reason for it, there are others.

Last summer I stopped Top Fives since I was running out of ideas. This happened for six months. The same thing is happening with the Favs. It is stuck in a similar trend, I talk about the same thing and have it set in what I talk about for shows. I really need to think of a way to revamp the series. Hardly anything about it changed since I started the posts back in December. So I am getting a little bored. Due to me wanting to switch from Top Five and Favs posts once I got stuck on a Favs posts Top Fives stopped, this happened twice the last two months, granted graduation was a small problem, but that was not just the cause.

Yes, Top Fives did not really change since they returned after their six-month break, but I thought of a lot of crazy ideas for them and people suggested some ideas too. I hope something similar will happen with the Favs Posts.

So that is it in that department.


Other than that this month for a vague schedule:

  • Several First impressions in the first week or so of the new anime season
  • Wednesdays Mob Psycho 100 Weekly reviews here
  • Thursdays Taboo Tattoo Weekly reviews on Anime Corps
  • Fridays Twin Star Exorcists Weekly Reviews

I may be doing a My Hero Acadamia Series review and a ReLife series review some time later in the month.

Top Fives this month are:

  • Upcoming Anime
  • Yuri Series

A new poll will be coming out this month to decide September to October’s Top Fives. That will close September 1st.


Not much to really say in terms of news and what is coming out this month. So, keep a look out for those reviews and Top Fives. Any suggestions for the Check It Out posts would be appreciated. Any suggestions in general for any series/post idea is always appreciated too.

– Joe