So, I am starting to think I have a serious problem when it comes to Love Live. First 3 minutes into the movie I cried for no reason. For whatever reason less than 30 seconds into Sunshine, when nothing happened, here I am needing to pause it because I am about to cry. I think it was just nostalgia or remembering the feelings the first series gave. Plus also whenever hearing Start:Dash, more specifically the first few notes this problem also happens. But enough about that for the random intro. So it is probably nostalgia.

Anyway, besides my questioning to leave that first part in despite me tweeting these problems time to talk about the actual show.

Normally, although I have not kept this trend in a while I think, I don’t remember. I want to stay away from shows where I am used to the source. But since getting into Love Live I decided it would be best to give it an impressions post of its own due to this being a new series with new characters.


I really liked it. The characters I was worried they would be knock offs of Muse, so far only the school president comes off that way. You also looks like a cross between Hanayo and generic non-main role character. Other than that first impressions of all the girls come off rather well. Much better than some of the Muse characters which I did not like until later in the series, which obviously Nico is not part of still.


I mean I am still a little worried for the show. I only say this because of the fact that supposedly they are also trying to save their school. I hope this is not true, did not really look into the plot of the series. So far it is setting itself at least character wise away from the previous series.

Another fun little thing I noticed is that you could tell this takes place after the Love Live movie, which means Muse would have disbanded. There was a line mentioning the Dome.

how dare you human

I should have started with this, and after that line I realize this may sound like a sequel to the original Love Live, it is not. You do not have to watch the previous series to watch this one. It is like how you don’t have to watch Idolmaster to watch Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, it is encouraged to watch the first series though.

Long story and repeating of early, I really liked it. I get to watch it weekly, which may be saddening since I watched them in a few days for season one, but took forever with season two for the first series.

Overall Enjoyment: More than I thought it would be: 10/10


Love Live Sunshine is licensed for streaming in the US on Funimation and Crunchyroll (very limited countries on Crunchyroll such as not US).



Other Shows I watched:


Well, this is the second show this season I checked out. If Love Live was the high this is certainly the low. So low I may not watch the second episode. There were moments that did keep me into it and wanting to watch it, but it did not last for more than a minute or two at most. There were a few good laughs. But I partially blame the bad pacing in the 50-minute-long episode. Even if those 50 minutes were put into two separate episodes I would be dropping the show and not bothering with a third. I personally wanted to see if it got better. This was a show I was uncertain if I would see the first episode or not, well if I don’t see the second episode that will not surprise me.  I may give shows the 3 episode test, but if I struggle with the first it is hard to give it a test like that.

Streamed by Crunchyroll

Overall Enjoyment:  2/10

many thanks

Tales of Zestria the X

Although the anime I was uncertain for watching, this was because I was thinking of getting the game and I did not want to be spoiled. Well now I am certain I want the game, but that won’t be until the Winter Sale for Steam. As for the anime after hearing it was by Ufotable needless to say I jumped right on that one and watched the first episode. It was really interesting and had me full focus the entire time. I just could not keep my eyes off it. The pacing was good, although the story for the series as a whole was not made clear, we have plenty of time for that since there is a second half coming in the winter season. Overall I really enjoyed it. The music, the fights, and the princess. So, yeah. Ufotable also has wonderful art even for the little details.

It turns out this was just the prologue episode too.

Streamed by: Funimation and Daisuki

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10

tales of zestra princess


I think this tweet sums up my thoughts before going fully into the show.

Other than that the first episode felt a little slow-paced. It was alright. I assume they will cover everything in the manga since it finished last year. Other than that I really do not have much to say unlike the other series that I talked about. I mean it did not fully suck me into the show but it did not push me away either. This will certainly get a 3 episode treatment, but I could see myself holding on if something good happens in the next few episodes.

Streamed by: Crunchyroll

Overall Enjoyment: 5/10

I have seen some other shows this season. They will be in other posts. Still free to comment your thoughts on this series or any you saw this season.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe