I will admit that the fact that there was a week hiatus between episode 12 and 13 made there feel like there was less impact this episode. But that was only slightly. Either way it was nice to see the start of some of the first arc of the manga. So, I guess no more beating around the bush and let’s get started.


The Plot:

Well, last time there was the whole Bassara showing up and it being revealed that he killed Beino’s parents. Beino was badly beaten in a few attacks and Rokuro showed up just in the nick of time to save her.

So now before the fight continues the Head Leader of Exorcists, who I honestly only remember as Underpants Pervert, has a conversation with the old man from the exorcists’ house. He mentions that there is a powerful foe there. Underpants Pervert says that this foe would be smart to run as far away from since even the 12 Seats of Exorcists could have trouble defeating him.

Obviously Rokuro is going to fight. He does run and talk to Beino. She tells him how that Bassara killed her parents. Hunting and killing him has been her reason for the last 6 years. Training and even living all for the sake of revenge. She even wishes to die trying to fight him as long as it does not mean living a coward for the rest of her life.

Rokuro gives her the food he made last episode and tells her to relax. He mentions that her parents would want her to live and not die. He also mentions that he will hold off Bassara for as long as possible. He sees himself in her, and how without Beino he never would have become strong to want to be an exorcist. So he wants to help her no matter what.

Beino eats the food, which it turns out he is just as bad of a cook as she. But it made her feel weird. Some memories, both canon and not come to mind. This gives her strength.

Rokuro goes to confront Bassara, a few punches back and forth Rokuro realizes that he is not doing as much as he wishes. But Bassara mentions that Rokuro has potential and even pulls out a trump card of his since it has been awhile. He also stats that it is interesting to see how out of all the people he has fought no one sacrificed themselves when given the chance. Of course he then remembers Beino since her parents willingly sacrificed themselves for her.

Rokuro throws a few more punches before nearly dying. Beino shows up and continues the fight hitting harder before.

The two’s power than resonates as the send a blast at Bassara. But even that is not enough to beat him. He realizes the two are the Twin Star Exorcists because of that. He decides to leave stating that he wishes for them to get stronger to entertain him, if not he will gladly fight the Miko.

twin star 13 11

Overall Thoughts

Small Series Thoughts Moment

I am so glad this was two episodes. Looking back this episode to me had a bit more impact in the anime than the manga. In the manga after what was episode four of the anime’s chapter. It went straight into these last two episodes.

I only say that these two episodes had more impact is because the characters had more time together. It felt like that realization of Beino and Rokuro come from the fact they known each other for some time now. I assume that at least a few weeks have passed since the show began. Yes, there is slightly more to come with this Second Main Antagonist Character. But this is the first starting point if I remember, I read this arc in a day back in December.  Either way it had more impact.

Now although the series to this point has mostly been original. The manga seems to be more battle heavy than anything. There are times where it stops and focuses on Beino and Rokuro’s relationship and expand upon what could not have in the fights. The anime may not always have good episodes of that off time between important fights. But some do help moments like this where their bonds in the manga really strengthen. If anything those original anime moments help strengthened those bonds even more.


Episode Thoughts

So manga things I want to talk about. With Bassara’s legs, I cannot fully remember if that was canon or not. I think some aspects were. Again I read the manga for this arc in a day six months ago. But it was certainly a very nice nod to what will happen later.

I am glad for the approach. As previously mentioned the flash back to earlier moments really help reinforce how far they come and how much their bond has grown. They may not be the strongest exorcists out there, but the Twin Stars both have the potential and the resonating ability that makes them important. It is a fight like this that not only shows how much stronger they need to become, but how weak they were to begin with.

This episode goes hand in hand with the last and it served not only as a good starting point for what is to come in this series, but how far they come to this point.


Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Welp, with 13 episodes down and still 37 more to go, what are your thoughts, more specifically the last two episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe