Where to begin. Easily I can say from the first episode that this could go good or go bad. On one hand several writers are working on this. On the other, from what I gathered from a few of the Light Novels that came out last year, these writers ignore each other on what they are doing. Although I enjoy some of the work from some of the main creators involved. This is why I say it could come out good or bad.

The first episode was and felt generic. There is no real direction where it could go, one of the ending lines was saying it was an endless battle and here is our story. So there goes any chance of getting a proper conclusion by the end of this show.

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This episode was alright at best, which is slightly better than okay, but not as good as good. Wow it is hard to describe that system I have.

Anyway, this was a slight introduction to the characters while still giving plenty of unanswered questions on what they mean by certain events. This could be a good thing or not depending how it is played off.

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This episode could have been better, but at the same time it feels like this show will only stay in this neutral territory. I doubt anything amazing will come from it.

To give you the idea, one of the creators created Date a Live, another created The Hentai Prince and the Stoney Cat, and lastly the other creator created Oregairu. Of those I liked Date a Live and Stoney Cat. I somehow made it through Oregairu but did not like it one bit. This could be interesting to see how these three creators work on this one project.

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Overall Enjoyment: 6/10

What Else I Watched:

Taboo Tattoo and Mob Psycho 100 can be found in their reviews.


Ange Vierge

This is possibly a Yuri harem. Honestly another anime based on a card game. WIXOSS was good and actually had the card game. Luck & Logic was bad and did not have the card game. This does not have the card game, but I can actually see elements or assume some elements are actually in it. Plus cute girls kicking butt is nice. The first episode was alright and not much to say other than that. It was enjoyable, despite the fact that most of the first episode was censored and I would have preferred that they done that entire half of the episode differently. Hopefully there are no more scenes like that. Other than that it was enjoyable and would like to hold on for a few more episodes.

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Overall Enjoyment 7/10

ange verge


More Yuri anime like stuff. This is certainly the relaxing anime of the season. It also reminds me that I need to see Aria, and was thinking about checking it out for the last year. This is the same creator of that series and with the fact everyone loves that I assume everyone will love this one too. The first episode was rather well. The art and just the way the ocean was portrayed was beautifully done. Also although I will not be talking about Thunderbolt Fantasy, this show too looks like the characters are puppets.

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Overall Enjoyment: 8/10

  • Would Recommend the First Episode

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Hitorinoshita The Outcast

This episode reading the plot of it sounds really interesting. The first episode well, it seemed not so much. I have a feeling the next episode could be better, but it is too soon to say. Unlike other shows where I had problems throughout it all, well this one not so much.  To me I am not really sure where the problem lies, it does not feel like a zombie anime even with all the zombies in episode one. I think it was just a starting point and a way to show the world is full of powered individuals, since it sounded like the zombies were created from one. Either way this episode did not fully disappoint nor keep my full interest. I am willing to give it at least 3 minimum episodes.

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Overall Enjoyment: 5/10


Alderamin on the Sky

This one I rather liked. A fantasy military anime sounds good. This was one anime I looked forward too after reading what it was about. I am just hoping it does not turn out like Gate, where no one takes war seriously and it is not one-sided. The main character may be lazy, but he was seen throughout the episode to take fighting and war itself seriously. So, this anime depending how it continues could be really good. I liked the first episode since it was not just introducing the characters but focusing on the current main problem that will set in motion the rest of the series I assume.

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Overall Enjoyment: 8/10

alderamin on the sky

I believe that covers everything that I am watching this season. I am probably going to drop and pick up a few shows as well, so come the mid season impressions I will know. Either way feel free to tell me your thoughts on any show this season.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe