Well, from the person who created One Punch Man, comes the series he been working on before that, Mob Psycho 100. Unlike One Punch Man, whose art follows the redrawn, Mob Psycho 100 did not get redrawn and the anime follows closer to the original art. Also unlike One Punch Man a different studio is behind it. But just because I am mentioning One Punch Man a lot well, it is nothing like it in several ways. But more on that later, let’s get started.

The Plot:

A woman tells a man about her bad dreams and how she thinks an evil spirit is behind it. The man, Reigen Arataka is an up incoming spirit exorcists. Of course it is soon learned that he is a fraud. He lies to the main character, Mob, who happens to be the strongest Psychic and defeats the evil spirit the woman is having trouble with.

But after that brief introduction it focuses on Mob. At home he is just a typical teenage middle schooler. At school he is sort of average. He has crushes, he is bad in class, and he is terrible at sports.

Upon school getting out Reigen calls Mob to ask for help exorcising. A cursed tunnel in the mountains people have been dying and disappearing there for over thirty years seems to be their goal. Leave it to the main character and his con artist master.

The spirits themselves are strong, but Mob beats them. Then the boss of the spirits shows up, Mob beats him only to find out his tragic past. He died from his motorcycle slipping on a banana peel. He is controlled by a much eviler spirit. Mob beats that fairly quickly too. Thus the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

A part of me felt weird how quickly I covered the episode. It is not that a lot happened, but there was a lot of fighting. At the same time the show is more visual than anything. Between the fighting and attacks as well as the spirits.

First episodes tend to go one of a few ways. One, just serving as a form to introduce the main characters and have little action, which this episode mostly is. There are others such as diving right into the plot and not fully focusing on the characters and lastly trying to focus more on what will happen with very little about the main characters who already have their abilities or knowledge of everything.

I think this episode taking this approach worked for its advantage. Most people have seen One Punch Man and are probably watching this show because they thought it would be similar. Well, the first episode clearly stepped away from being anything like it. Yes, the main character is over powered and probably there will be jokes surrounding that. There was also a nice nod to One Punch Man (see feature image). But the brief scene in school I feel is what we might get more of. Instead of fighting monsters we may get to have Mob trying to grow up and fit in, seeing that next episode focuses on his school. So this series is certainly going to take a different approach. One Punch Man was more about parody and other heroes, Mob Psycho 100 could be more focus on Mob and maybe a little drama, I do not know.

Either way the first episode was enjoyable if you did not want to watch it because you did not like One Punch Man, there are a few traits that it shares due to having the same creator, but it is clear they are two different works and will go in different ways.

Overall Enjoyment 90/100

I will be doing a full series and serious review once the series is over.

Unlike previous series I reviewed have not read the source for this one. So, I could be wrong on what I said. Feel free to tell me if I am, without spoiling anything. As always feel free to tell me your thoughts on the series as a whole.

Mob Psycho 100 is being streamed by Crunchyroll, currently the manga is not licensed.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe