So while I was in the mix of crying and being salty that my phone is too old to play Pokemon Go, Matt in the Hat was kind enough to tag me in this Pokemon Gym challenge.

Pokemon was my first game, anime, and so much more and I am still waiting the 124 days and counting until Pokemon Sun and Moon.

So, Magnitude Reviews got the idea from a video on YouTube, since that YouTube asked a few of their friends to do it. I will think of at least one or two people to do it maybe. Either way here is the video before I get started.

Gym Leader

Well, I wanted to have a team with one of my favorite Pokemon. As much as I would like a Dark Type gym in the games, well, it is not dark type. To use one of my favorite Pokemon, I am going with Fairy Type.


Gym Design

This one is tricky. I like the idea of having the option to fight the trainers or be sneaky and go around them. Of course this fad that was seen in the earlier generations slowly stopped and became impossible in fifth gen. But something mystic in design and moon like. So, think a fusion of Olympia’s gym from 6th gen and Clair’s gym from 2nd Gen.


Fairy Type I view as a tricky type to deal with. Normally I would picture something like Dragon types being the final gym in a region, but Fairy too seems like a good choice. So the challengers would be tough so mostly Ace Trainers.

Most of them would have a mixture just to throw people off, so you could have Whimsicott (Grass Fairy), Floette (Fairy), and Mawile (Steal Fairy). Most will be in the mid-level 40s to late 40s.


Gym Leader Quote:

Since this would be considered the final gym. At that point in the game the main villain would be defeated and the journey is almost over. So, some mix of inspirational yet still letting them know there is more to learn.

You have come a long way. Every journey may begin with a single step. But even near a journey’s end unexpected situations may come. When everything is done expect the unexpected since that journey’s end may only just be the beginning.


My Pokemon Gym Team

Alright, time to go into my favorite part. My team will have 5 Pokemon.

Pokemon: Azumarill

  • Level- 50
  • Gender- Male
  • Type: Water Fairy
  • Ability: Sap Sipper (Being hit with a Grass Move Increases Attack)
  • Items: None


  1. Play Rough (Fairy)- May Lower Targets Attack
  2.  Waterfall (Water)- May Cause Flinch
  3.  Power-Up Punch (Fighting)- Boost User’s Attack
  4. Scald (Water)- May Cause Burn

pout azumarill

Pokemon: Gardevoir

  • Level- 50
  • Gender- Female
  • Type: Psychic Fairy
  • Ability: Trace (Copies Opponent’s Ability)
  • Items: Leftovers


  1. MoonBlast (Fairy)- May Lower Targets Special Attack
  2. Psychock (Psychic)- Special Attack that does Physical Damage
  3. Calm Mind (Psychic)- Boosts Users Special Attack and Special Defense
  4. Future Sight (Psychic)- Hits the Opponent 2 turns after use


Pokemon: Clefable

  • Level-52
  • Gender- Male
  • Type: Fairy
  • Ability: Magic Guard (Only Attacks deal damage)
  • Item: Rocky Helmet


  1. Metronome- Does random attacks
  2. Cosmic Power (Psychic)- Boosts Users Defense and Special Defense
  3. Rest (Psychic)- Puts the User to Sleep and fully heals them
  4. Sleep Talk (Normal)- Uses a random move if the user is asleep


Time for My Favorite Two

Pokemon: Togekiss

  • Nickname- Princess (because all Togekiss need to have this nickname)
  • Level- 54
  • Gender- Female
  • Type: Fairy Flying
  • Ability: Super Luck (Boost Critical Hit Ratio)
  • Items: Shell Bell


  1. Aura Sphere (Fighting)- Never Misses
  2. Metronome- Does a random move
  3. Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  4. Wish (Normal)- Heals user HP by half of their Maximum


Pokemon: Altaria

  • Level-55
  • Gender- Male
  • Type: Dragon Flying
  • Ability: Natural Cure (Cures status upon withdrawing from Battle)
  • Item: Altaraite
  • Mega Evolution Type: Dragon Fairy
  • Mega Evolution Ability: Pixilate- Normal Moves are increased by 30% and become Fairy


  1. Dragon Dance (Dragon)- Boost Users Attack and Speed
  2. Earthquake (Ground)
  3. Outrage (Dragon)- Attack for 2 to 3 turns before becoming confused
  4. Ice Beam (Ice)- May freeze target

mega altaria

TM Move and Gym Badge

Well, with how my team is very confusing and some have important roles. The Gym badge would probably look like a crown. So, the Royal Badge.

As for the TM, it would be TM 99- Dazzling Gleam


Not really sure who to nominate, so I only have one:

Two Happy Cats

But feel free to do this yourself as well. Also feel free to check out Matt in the Hat and Magnitude Reviews

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe