Well, I thought Mob would explode later in the series. But I guess not. So although it explains the meaning of when he does. I still have yet to answer why he does. So let’s stop beating around the bush and get started.

The Plot:

Last week ended with Mob joining the Muscle Fitness Club. Well, he is not so good at it as he quickly collapses on a run.  The members are rather nice. They bring him back to the club room, which only half of it is being used for storage. Since they let the Telepathy Club take up half since all they wanted was for storage.

mob 3 1

Mob wakes up and the girl from last time, Tome, asks him why did he join the club. Mob explains how he does not always want to rely on his psychic powers and wants to build his body.  Of course the members do not fully believe him until he uses them. Thus Tome wanting Mob to join her in her real plan to find aliens.

Mob wants to be popular and while walking home a lady thinks that he is rather sad. So she brings him to, well, a cult. It is a cult no matter how you look at it. They may be a religious group, but it is a cult. The group is called…..LOL…..I am not joking. I did actually Lol hearing this, but never mind.

Their goal is to make people laugh. Well three potential new members, this includes Mob as well as a reporter from his middle school. LOL is rumored to be hypnotizing people to make them happy and be under the control of Dimple, their leader. Of course having said that masks are put on all of them to make them smile and be happy. It does not work on Mob.


Mob wants to be there since he was told it would make him popular. With Dimple trying to get Mob under his control, getting him to smile needless to say adds to Mob’s progress to explode.

mob 3 10

But Mob stays hearing that the game to get him to smile involves milk, which he really loves.

mob 3 11

But the challenges do not work. Mob also releases that Dimple has psychic powers too.

mob 3 12mob 3 13

Although realizing this he still is unable to get away. Each moment Dimple is picking on Mob. Which rapidly moves up his Progress to explode.

mob 3 14

Just before he does however it reveals what it means. It does not mean literally explode. But Mob always bottles up his emotions. He formed a sort of complex believing his powers were too strong. Because of this his emotions are bottled up to avoid him from using his powers. But when he explodes that power of his is being used by that current emotion. Needless to say the bullying forces him to 100 percent.

Mob’s psychic powers go out of control, since the emotion now in charge is rage. Dimple is also a high level evil spirit. Which Mob goes forth to destroy, yet uses little of his power to do so.

In the end, the people are free from the hypnosis, and although Mob disappeared, they believe he may be a disciple of god. Reigen also says that Mob is strong and more than anything he should not be ashamed of being clueless or not getting what other people are doing. He is who he is.

mob 3 21

In the post credits, Mob back to 0 percent wakes up to see Dimple in a small form, which skyrockets him back to 20 percent.

mob 3 22

Overall Thoughts

This episode was enjoyable. It was just feeding more to the fact of what I was thinking how the series would play out back in episode one. It was all about Mob and growing up. I rather like this approach since it does blend well with everything else. This episode however worked rather well. Last week felt like it was split in two, this was continuous throughout.

The flow of this episode just work. The build up towards Mob’s explosion was rather well done. Since it is tied to his emotions and him being emotional when using his powers. It was a nice touch to although give us a few episodes to try to figure out what it could mean, while still not disappointing us later in the series finding out 8 episodes in that, oh that is what that counter was doing.

Either way this episode was enjoyable. It probably also gives a general idea of what could happen, at least in really strong character fights. But that seems more for negative emotions like rage. Maybe there could be ones when he is happy, but who knows.


Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe