Well, I may have to consider changing the title of this episode review from “What is Love” to something else, since that song is now in my head. Anyway there was a nice twist this week and instead of focusing on the young exorcists, Beino and Rokuro, we got a look at another member of the dorm. But last time, in episode 4, despite being from the source, I did not like it so much. Will using a different character who hardly gets development in the source make this episode better or worse, well let’s get started.

The Plot:

Beino and Rokuro are walking back to the dorm, and find out that Ryogo is out. Apparently he is on a date, or was tricked into one by his friend, Fushihara Toru. He was another character from episode 4. Anyway the girl in question is Kaibara Haruka. She apparently returned from Spain where she was going to art school. She is also an exorcist, but right now wants to know what the city is like. Fushihara leaves Ryogo alone to go away.

So, shortly earlier Seigen is seen talking to Jisama. Although the young exorcists do not know what they are talking about. It comes in handy shortly later.

But time passes and Ryogo is worried. He goes to see his friend. He knows that exorcists have no idea when they could die. The risk comes with the job. Since Fushihara works part time at the day care he mentions how important it is to protect those children’s happiness. He knows it comes with the risk, but he would rather fight and die protecting them, then to have someone else fight. He knows that he is not as strong as the Heavenly Commanders or the Twin Stars, he just wants to protect the people he cares for.

Of course shortly later when Ryogo gets home. He discovers that Fishihara died. Yeah, his friend was raising a lot of death flags in previous scene.

Ryogo leaves to see how Haruka is holding up. But as he left Jisama mentions to Rokuro and Beino what Seigen was talking about. The corruption of people turning into Kagare. It was becoming a common occurrence in the town and the Kagare have been becoming more powerful.

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While Rokuro and Beino go to see how Ryogo is doing a strong Kagare shows up. They see the green on his stomach, which means he was a corrupted one. Of course the two of them were not strong enough at first. They try the move that they used two episodes ago against Kamui. However the attack fails since something goes wrong.

Seigen shows up to take care of him. He tells Rokuro and Beino they are not strong enough and she not go to fight as exorcists any more due to their carelessness. He was hiding his true feelings knowing that Kagare was Fushihara. He leaves knowing this is something those kids should not deal with, and only the adults should hold that burden.

The episode ends with Ryogo getting a picture from a man at the day care that Fushihara worked with. It was with Ryogo and the kids.

Overall Thoughts

When I saw the preview for this episode and seeing that Rokuro and Beino’s relationship was not going to be the focus I got a little worried. But after not so much. It was a rather enjoyable episode. It was a nice tie in to focus on minor manga characters and give them more screen time since it has been awhile since any of them gained focus. Unlike last time however this episode was much more enjoyable.

It is a little sad how a character that was only in for two episodes really served as a means to progress the plot as well as a new original story dealing with Ryogo’s relationship. But it was not all in vain. He gave the character’s importance and allowed for them to develop. Perhaps if it was next week when he passed then maybe it would have not seemed so clear.

As I mentioned I was rather worried knowing this episode would be about Ryogo. But it seemed to work for the better. It was not just about his blossoming relationship, but the meaning behind all relationships for exorcists. Each have their own fears and each have a reason for doing their job. Fushihara really made that clear.

Despite that small problem with the episode, it was a decent one for anime originals. More and more of these episodes that come are starting to feel like they are heading in the right direction. The plot is important in this episode and it is clear they are entering the second of the three arcs before the time skip that was in the manga I keep mentioning. So by episode 25 we may get that two-year jump, of course after a few good and major plot points.

Overall Enjoyment- 80/100

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series as a whole.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe