I just realized this one has been in planning since, March? Yet, well, I mean there was the hiatus, then I ran into the problem of struggling to do The Favs posts, which then put most of the Top Fives on hold. Oh well this is not the first or last time a post took a while to come out and me trying to come up with something random to talk about before starting the post.

Anyway, series that are covered will be Yuri. For those that are new to anime, Yuri is known as girl’s love. So, girl liking girls. Yaoi is boys liking boys. So, that is a little info for new comers. This was something I did not know for some time of being into anime.

Shows that I will cover are either known for being a yuri series or have yuri undertones. I also decided I will be covering just one spot that is not an anime.

So, let’s get started.

If you have any ideas for future Top Five feel free to comment. . Either way feel free to also comment your favorite yuri anime or yuri undertone anime.


Out of the Running: Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha

This is the first series I am taking out of the running for any Top 5. For Top Five Magical Girls, Top Five Magical Girls Revisited, Top Five Moms, and maybe one or two others, this series has either been on the list or on the top. It would be at number 1 in this post, but again, it has been at too many number one spots and one thing about this series of posts, is I do not want it to seem obvious.

As for the show itself, here is why it would be at the number one spot. Two main girls grow up and are more than likely married behind the scenes between the third and fourth series. They have an adopted daughter, who has her own yuri ship too. There is so much between how they treat each other, cuddle, more and more stuff goes here. So, with how obvious the yuri is in the series, despite never actually saying it is a yuri series. It is a yuri series fully and one of the best. I am also bias to say it is one of the best since the franchise is in my top 10 anime.

Be Careful

Anyway time for the actual list.


Honorable Mentions:

There are some I like, and well, I think they should be on the list, Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san, Kannazuki no Miko. Kind of Sakura Trick. Also Madoka Magica and the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal.

sailor pluto is bae

Number 5: Locodol

This series I sort of do not fully remember. I watched one of the two OVAs, but even then the show aired two years ago. I really enjoyed it then and seeing the OVAs I really did like the show. This one surprisingly stuck out to me the most and I wanted to put it on the list. Yuri undertones are mostly in this show and from what I remember it seems to be mostly seen with one of the main girls, Yukari Kohinata.

The show mostly deals with the adventures of local idols, Yukari and Nanako. Both do it as a part-time job to spread the word of their town. The show does not have a lot of idol-esque qualities with constant singing of new songs and other things. But is more of a comedy. It is rather funny and a nice feels good anime at the end of the day.

I would also recommend it too, sort of, if I remembered it more fully.

wa wa wa

Number 4: Rinne no Lagrange

A mecha series, and I reviewed it here last summer. I watched it at the end of the day, and like a majority of the list yuri is more in undertones. However, the shipping is much more obvious in this one between the main three girls.

I do have problems with the plot, and more specifically towards the end of the second half. But if I remember correctly in the review I stated the characters I always hold more important. All the girls are very fun and make the series enjoyable.

Think a summer anime, mecha, with yuri as a nice side dish, and you got this series. The shipping seems more obvious since all three clearly have some form of love towards one another. But since this is fresher in my mind compared to Locodol, this one goes up more on the list.

Not sure if I would recommend this one though. But fun, nice mecha series with great character, with yuri undertones, maybe I would if any of those things sound like your thing then yes.

Lan being lan

Number 3: Love Live/Love Live Sunshine

It felt like I needed to put these both on the list. The original series may have more shipping combinations as well as much more clear yuri undertones, but that is because the show is completed. Personally I am starting to ship Umi and Maki due fan art. But since I am rewatching it, who knows.

The new series is still ongoing. At the time of writing this, 5 episodes have aired. But although the ships have not really been clear, yuri undertones in general have been much higher. Nozomi seemed to be the obvious one in the original series, but this time you have Mari, Chika, and Kanan is still in the closet on this one. But well, with episode four with her and Mari, she seems a little more accepting.

Either way both series have a surplice of yuri undertones both on-screen in just in general. It does not even feel like they are denying it either like a few other series that are even yuri.

Number 2: Hyper Dimension Neptunia (Game)

I have more memory of the games, since I am still playing them. I even did a review over on Yuri Nation of the first game. But compared to the brief memories I have of the anime (since I saw it when it aired 3 years ago), the game makes it so much more clear on the ships. Now, I only fully played the second one. But even then there are a lot. Vert seems the obvious one. But none of the girls are denying anything.

The game is super fun as well, which makes the visual novel like cut scenes be that more fun having all those yuri undertones. Plus, with a system called “Lily System,” it is kind of obvious of the amount of combinations and how yuri filled this series is.

I had to wait a year to play the game and it was worth it.


Number 1: Yuru Yuri

I will admit, I did not finish the third season. I been meaning to get back to it, but I have not. Season one and two I watched all in a few days last summer. I really enjoyed the show. Just for whatever reason the third season felt a little repetitious or something that made it seem different compared to the first two seasons. This may be due to the fact I watched it weekly instead of a few sittings. Sure it came out a few years later and had a much larger gap between seasons. I really do not know why.

Anyway besides being the most yuri like show, since it is a yuri series. It felt more fitting to put this on the top of the list. I wanted to do this Top Five having this show in mind. It also allowed me to watch more yuri like series as well, instead of on accident like my track record before. Sure I am still waiting for that yoai series to come by which makes me watch more. But for now I got a series that made me watch more yuri ones.

Taking into account the first two seasons since I did not finish the third, I really did like it. It may not seem yuri like, other than the obvious crushes. But it is very mild compared to some of the other series mentioned. It certainly has its charm and quirks so I would have to recommend it compared to others. It was fun and maybe now that I realized this, I may give the third season another chance. It is a comedy slice of life, so it that is your thing you may like it.

waifu war pic

Once more feel free to give your ideas for future Top Fives or what are your Top Five Yuri series in the comments.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe