So, I guess August brings a pretty nice change of pace. But this is more for me than anything. I am not sure how it could affect the blog in the long run, so who knows. Either way a sort of quisi change.


Weekly reviews will start coming out a week after the show airs. Here is why:

Since I am job hunting, and not focusing on job hunting as much as I would like to, I need to put a lot more effort into it. At the same time, I am behind by all shows by a week. This was done sort of on purpose since I was super busy 2 weeks ago.

Since I am now only watching 10 shows, at most 12, this season. I am reviewing 3 shows and am up to date on all of them. But I would prefer to do it this way so there is not so much stressing out. Since graduating my viewing for anime has decreased, but I am fine since right now airing shows I have completed, not so much for ones that already completed. I also only been watching shows one at a time too. The only real acceptation is very few. I mean I can rewatch an episode of Love Live then goes to Love Live Sunshine. But the hours between watching episodes after that is a little great. So, even if I watch the previous week’s episode, I do not get into the mood for the latest episode.

I am also hoping that since I am not watching the latest episode everyone else is, I can enjoy the show more too. That way I don’t have to worry on that end too. Since looking back some shows are becoming forgettable or I say I will marathon them, but never do. I am starting to feel like most anime I watch is just because I started it and because other people are watching it. I started last year to step away from watching everything and everything and more for what I enjoy. Now I want to watch not just what I enjoy, but to enjoy it the fullest, which seems to be decreasing and results in high drop rate lately.

Obviously this will affect my weekly reviews, which I rather enjoy the most, be for Mob Psycho 100, Taboo Tattoo (Over at Anime Corps), and Twin Star Exorcists.

It is going into effect the week this post originally came out, so August 1st.


This is not all. Instead of being out Wednesday-Friday like it has been, reviews will be all moved back a day. So, Twin Star was on Fridays, will now be on Thursdays one week after the episode originally aired.

Top Fives are still going to be bi weekly, but moved to Sundays.


Posts Coming out this Month:

– I did realize I forgot to do a final impressions of the Spring season. I will touch on a few of my highlights in the mid-season impressions coming out sometime this month.

– Top Five Mecha Series

– Top Five  Onee-sans

I am running out of Top Five Ideas, so after this month I only have one more planned. So, any suggestions will obviously get a shout out when I do it, be it here or on twitter. Blogger will get their blog shouted out, but Twitter users will get their profile, providing they are not private.

Also, it has been awhile, but another Journal “I the American Otaku” post will be out. I go to my first con, so I will do my best to take pictures and talk about my thoughts on it. The day I go is just the 13th, so expect the post out sometime in the following week.


Anyway that is it for now on blog stuff. I do want to talk a bit about life just to write it. Feel free to stop reading.

Since my job search has not been going anywhere I do have a feeling what above might help. I devised a schedule so I can focus on job hunting, book writing, and anime/blog writing time. Since I am limiting myself a lot, this could help me a bit and devote more time. Video games also played a role, but I am sort of in my dry period despite that I still need to beat a lot of games.

I also do not really know what my job will be like. Most cases I will be driving for an hour or more to get there and back. I will be exhausted I am only now starting my search for Grad School, and I want to decide where to go by mid-September the latest. Since applications are due in December to January I can slowly work on getting everything ready for the schools ahead of time. So, if I do somehow get a job, anime viewing will decrease either way.

My writing has been scattered lately since I been more focus on Job hunting and getting a weekly review out. This is another reason why I want to hold back on them for a week. It will give me plenty of time to watch the episode. I want to start writing more. Mostly since weekly reviews can take almost 2 or more hours to watch the episode, write the review, and all the other steps.

Once I do get a job, I do not want to stop writing. The last few years I always had periods where my side projects, deviantart before this, and now my blog, over that novel-writing. I just need to start finding an agent. After that I can then worry about everything else to come. Best case scenario, I can be a full-time novelist. Worst case scenario, my hard work for the last 9 years was a waste.

So, weekly reviews might be different. I think I could do two at most, since I want to find time to write and still have time to look for grad school while I work. As much as I love blogging, I know that more than anything, my time here will not be what it was like over a year ago or a few months ago. I am okay with that.

Right now I am just hoping for the best. Hopefully I will get a job. Hopefully I will get my schedule worked out so I can do what I want to. But in order for that hope to pay off I need to work for it.


Anyway, sorry about that ramble, it was more for me than anything. Either way, see you in the next post, and a short reminder that all updates are the first of the month.

– Joe