Well, with the title of this review needless to say this episode was canon. It has been awhile so I did forget some of the early things that happened. But the only thing that made this episode better than being surprised canon but having next week be canon as well. I guess my though back in episode 13 was correct that they would give it two episodes before jumping into the next arc. I honestly did not remember this until writing it just now. Either way I am super excited to talk about this episode so let’s get started.

The Plot:

The last episode ended with Rokuro and Beino being told off by Seigin. Well, they are still recovering from it. Both wanted to become strong exorcists, but right now being to by one that they are in the way, makes them feel down.

twin star 16 1

Their mood translates the same way at school the next day. Both are again down and it is up to Mayura to get to the bottom of this.

twin star 16 2

On her way home she happens to run into her father. After a short meal together. Mayura tells her that she does not care if her dad does not view her as family any more. He does it to protect her and her mom, and they both still see him as family. Of course she also teases him that he likes being called dad.

After learning the cause and seeing a few kids argue she realizes that she can do something to help despite not being an exorcist. So she heads to Rokuro and Beino’s place.


Rokuro and Beino are still down. Although Kinako tries to cheer them up. Rokuro and Beino reveal the only reason they are down is not because they were told they were bad exorcists but because they realized how weak they really are.

Cue Mayura to come in and cook everyone a meal to cheer them up.twin star 16 9

So, then comes Mayura’s time to head home. Rokuro walks her home. She stops him and says a few things about how she worries, but is glad that he is an exorcist again. Of course then the Kagare Corruption happens to her.

Beino comes over just as the three are transported to Magano. Mayura’s transformation is complete and Seigen shows up saying he will exorcise her. He would rather do it and make it painless than having someone else do it.

Of course he has some trouble. But Rokuro and Beino hear Mayura’s voice. It is slowly fading but there is hope to revert her back. This is a power of the Twin Star. Due to their Resonance ability they can combine their spell power. It will be powerful enough, but there was no guarantee it would work.

Rokuro says he does not care; he does not want to use his powers to hurt but to save someone. With that said, him and Beino combine their power to save Mayura. Rokuro then weeps wishing he had this power when he was little to save the members of the dorm.

In the post credits main antagonist and Beino’s twin brother, Yuto, shows up. Rokuro charges in furiously before it really ends.


Overall Thoughts

Wow, that whole canon part threw me off. I felt like the talk between Mayura and her dad was familiar. I just thought it would not be for another ep or two when this would have happened. It caught me off guard. At first I was slightly disappointed that this was over in just an episode, but so glad with that post credits scene.

Overall this episode was good too. Mayura, although because much more important after the Time-Skip I keep mentioning, got a lot of focus this episode. She only really appeared briefly since episode 6 which was her last major appearance. It was nice to see this interaction between her, Beino, and Rokuro. Also the plenty of seeds that allow her to grow into the person she is after the time skip.

Last episode may have given character development to someone how rarely gets it in the manga. It was nice to have this one followed, with plenty of original content that added to the canon stuff. It helps captured Mayura’s character more and stayed faithful to who she is.

Of course the line with Seigen saying “Rokuro is fundimentally different than other exorcists.” contains a spoiler and something I want to talk about for what this means, at least to mean. So I will just leave this here.

This was another good example of the blend of canon and original material. It certainly disappointed. Right now I would label Twin Star Exorcist as starting to become a good anime. But it is certainly starting to put work into possibly becoming a great one by the end. Who knows, maybe in a few years when the manga is near its end it will get a true adaptation if this one keeps it up.


Overall enjoyment: 85/100 

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode as always.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe