For the last year anime has been weird. I mean in the sense where I been struggling to find series to enjoy. Last year I thought Monster Musume would be the savior of anime for me to get back into the ecchi genre, well, it was not. Although I enjoyed it I still cannot really get into other ecchi anime. Kiddy Grade I will also admit may be a “Savoir Anime” last year, but it was also One Punch Man too. I was able to sit down and watch One Punch Man in a sitting, which in the last two years watching a show sitting down and see six or seven episodes is hard. I mean New Year’s Eve I did watch 28 episodes of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures to break my record of most episodes seen in a day. But since I have not gone back to Jojo’s since then, well it was not.


Anyway, the title of the post is Savior Anime, and I mentioned it several times, but have not explained what it was. Due to this struggle, I see it as an anime that Saved me, and gave me faith in anime as a whole, that I am not getting bored with it and stopping watching anime, or saving my faith in that genre. Harem seems to be hurting the last two years of only like 2 being good ones.

So, time to talk about why I feel Gundam is my “Savoir Anime” this year.

please don't mind me

Long story short, last Sunday, it is currently August 5, 2016 aka a Friday when writing this, I got back into Gundam. Since then I finally finished my first Gundam series, Iron Blooded Orphans, I started and finished Gundam Build Fighters, and I am already about to work on a third series.

Iron Blooded Orphans was the first series I started to watch when it aired, it is my first Gundam series. But after the first eight episodes I stopped, then I caught up again watching from eight to nineteen within a week. But after catching up, and rather enjoying it. I never went back, which I really regretted.


So, when Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE 0096 started to air, I started to watch that. I sort of fell behind. But last weekend I decided to watch one episode. Then Youtube happening to have an official Gundam Youtube Channel, I decided to check out Build Fighters.

unicorn pic 2

Build Fighters was different compared to the other two I saw. It was not about war. It was about the joys of Gundam, the models, watching the anime, and so much more. So, I watched the first four that night, watched the next like ten episodes the following day. Then Wednesday I decided I decided to go back and take a short break from Build Fighters and see Iron Blooded Orphans.

build fighters

Build Fighters gave a much lighter side to Gundam, so when I went to see Iron Blooded Orphans it was much more enjoyable than before. The fights and action just stuck out more. The comedy Gundam before seemed to feel like it was lacking in something. Seeing the pure action and what Gundam was really about made very thing seem much more worth it in the end. Now I am also excited for the second season as well.

So, I decided to take a short break from going onto the next Build Fighters series and check another Gundam series out. I finished Build Fighters yesterday, and am thinking of checking another one from recent years, Gundam Reconguista in G. This one was intended to be for late night anime. So, I figured why not.

gundam mechas
From Iron Blooded Orphans, not Reconguista in G.

Last year as part of my 30 Day Anime Challenge I said I never saw a Gundam series before. One reason why was due to how long it has been around. To me I was not really sure where to begin. But now not so much, even if some people are telling me to not watch “This Gundam” before “That Gundam.” As long as it is not a direct second season I figured I will watch whatever whenever. So far that seemed to work out.

i can't allow it

Yet in all I have not watched a series this fast since last summer. But even then most I could do before I slowed down was the first half of a 25-episode series. Now I just keep watching and no sign of stopping. I can now sit down and watch 6 or 7 episodes.  It never has been this was for a franchise before, at least in a long time.

Either way I just wanted to get a short post out there. I really like this franchise and I am surprised it took so long to get into Gundam. I am glad I could get into a NewType of series (See what I did there?). Sure I been into other Mecha series before, but Gundam is the first of its kind being a franchise that has been going on for well, almost 40 years. I may not watch every single Gundam out there. But I am glad that I have an option to watch different ones later down the line.

when given headpats

Now I really hope they sell Gundams at Boston Comic Con since I want to get a model.

Has there been anime like this for you? Has there ever been a time when you feel like your anime viewing has been slowing and an anime like this came around. More than anything I am more curious about this.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe