So, for starters, episode 5 already aired. I mentioned in my monthly update I am going to be posting the episode reviews a week after the show airs. I have to say my enjoyment for shows increased a lot this way. At the time of writing that update I guess I did not really realize that. Also since the episode has been out for a week and people will probably have seen the latest episode, reviews will cover less on the plot and more on my overall thoughts and more review critical like than they used to. I will be posting this for my other two weekly reviews as well.

Anyway, with that brief intro, I really do mean I enjoyed this show a lot more. Hearing last week when people saw the episode saying it was really good, only to then see next week’s preview. I am just so excited. I am really glad I am doing this, but enough about that time to focus on the episode.


The Plot:

So, last episode Dimple and Mob fought, and the secret to what that explosion means was revealed. This episode starts with Mob waking up only to find out Dimple was not really vanquished. Instead he is a more powerless form.

mob 4 3

Shortly before, and more importantly a boy from another school is getting a fight. He views himself as a main character, but does not come in until later in the episode.

More importantly back to Dimple. Mob agrees to spare him as long as he does not cause problems. Of course Dimple has other plans, including possessing someone, molding Mob to his will, and become god like.

Mob however is uncertain if he should keep Dimple, so he goes to Reigen. Reigen happens to be editing a photo to get rid of a demon that the couple saw in the picture. Dimple senses no power from him and knows he is a fraud. But before Mob could realize this Reigen says Dimple is weak, since only Mob to now can see him, and Mob can do whatever.

mob 4 8

While this is happening the Newspaper Club girl from the previous episode is talking to Mob’s brother. You find out that he kind of views psychic powers as normal, and because he doesn’t have any, he does not view himself as normal.

Anyway, the second half deals with Mob being tricked by some of the school gang to go to a fight. Of course Mob thinks the letter they gave him is a love letter and he goes to the spot. The Muscle Fitness Club then get a letter that Mob was kidnapped and go to rescue him.

Once there, Mob’s club mates lay waste to everyone in their path to save him. So the gang from the other school realize what happened that they were tricked. But they called in the guy from earlier.

mob 4 15

He beats them back pretty easily. Mob sees through the guy’s power they he is also psychic. Mob seems annoyed that the guy would use his powers to hurt people and the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts

As I started I really did like this episode. It really felt like it was in two parts. The first half I do wish was better, but it was clearly setting up for a few episodes down the line. It gave plenty insight on what Dimple could do and gave more dimensions to Mob’s brother, who until now did not have much of a role. This episode feels like it was more to serve as what is to come next episode. But at the same time it was all about the character development while still keeping the flow of everything.

Mob’s character you start to see more on why he chooses not to use his powers while other’s have different views of it and how he could really have a lot of control over people if he wishes. But there is also a different side to it. Mob’s brother was raised seeing his brother as a psychic. While other characters view it as amazing, you get more in-depth look on the fact that it might not be as amazing as most people make him out to be.


I really do not want to compare it to One Punch Man, but I have a feeling I will every once and awhile. This show clearly is not, since One Punch Man is more of a parody, this is not. Both gave time to focus on other characters. But Mob Psycho 100 does a lot better job at this. Characters for me I always see as the most important part of any story. There is a lot of caring and focus on the characters while at the same time giving them more room to change and it allows for multiple view points of the world of Mob Psycho 100.


On a random note, that one Bully reminds me of the protagonist from the current Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures arc. Not sure if that was done on purpose or as a joke or whatever. I just know I need to see that series.

mob 4 12

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A-

So, now with my new method of watching anime, please refrain from spoilers since I have not seen the next episode. Still feel free to give your thoughts on this episode and especially if you think it held up with the next one.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe