So, after about two months of talking about it on Twitter the day finally came. I went to my first convention. I always wanted to go to one, but back in July my mom was like, “You know what, let’s go to Boston Comic Con.” So we did.

I had to wake up early and I am really glad I did. My mom and I were going to go with a former coworker of hers and a friends of said former coworker. She was only a few years older than me. And unlike Twitter where I am constantly talking to people, I am rather shy and quiet in person. This experience was no different.

pokemon go dratiniAnyway, we had to go from central Massachusetts, all the way to Boston. Luckily we did not hit traffic, and it only took us a little more than an hour. So, we arrived an hour before they would let us in. It was a good thing we did too.

Now I do not know what other Cons are like. I know there are obviously bigger ones. I think at most this one had several thousand people. But when we got in line, and there was not more than 150 people. So, since I been hooked on Pokemon Go, I played that for a bit. But that is for another day.

Anyway, we walked in, after seeing seemingly fifty people dressed as either Harley Quinn or one of the Doctors from Doctor Who (Since an actress that played in one was attending the event). We went in. In the first few minutes, and half hour that followed. We spent looking for a figurine for my brother. I took a picture and asked him which one. Putting it down the one he wanted. In the 10 seconds it took for him to respond, it was bought by someone else. My mom even said someone would take it while you text.

So, that was a fun thirty minutes looking around for a similar figurine that we could not find. So, we looked around. I luckily got separated from my mom for a few minutes. Saw some Gundams, unfortunately none that I wanted, and the ones I did find that I liked, were well out of my price range. Of course I think this is rather silly now with one of my other purchases later that day.

Figurine in question
What my brother wanted.


That first hour and a half or so I was just so overwhelmed. There was plenty of cosplay, booths, just everything from obvious Sword Art Online Cosplayers (which a lot of people cosplayed of) to a cosplayer for Team Fortress 2’s Pyro. So many people and different things, my sense thanks to my hyperactive brain were off the charts. Throughout the day I had to of walked passed the same booths a good ten or so times seeing new things each time.

So after the problematic hour and thirty-minute lunch, my mom went off with her friends and I was on my own. That overwhelming factor that played a role in the first half the day started to fade. I looked back at the gundams for a bit, saw what little manga they had that could catch my eye. Funny enough there was a Miia body pillow, not the actual size twenty-foot long one.

But then I bought my first Nendoroid, Marth from Fire Emblem. I saw a Link (Majora’s Mask) and Megaman one, both that I see in my comic book store. But never a Marth one. Normally I would not get them, no matter how much I want them, but today was special, so I decided to get Marth.

That was for me. Since I failed to get something for one brother, I decided to try to get something for my other one. Which well, as explained in a bit with the comic system, I did not find anything he would like. This was a bit of a downside since I really wanted to find something for both of them. Even if they were making fun of me, a twenty-three-year-old man, going to a comic convention with his mother, I still wanted to be the nice older brother and get them something.

I think now would be a good reminder that I keep my hobby of being into anime a secret from my parents, since they do not understand and have misconceptions. This has not been mentioned in a post in a very long time. But this is why I could not buy that Umi figurine that I wanted or any other one.

Anyway I looked around through lots of comics. I wish I went to see the guests there, since some from my favorite shows were there, even William Shatner since it was the Star Trek 50th anniversary event going on. But people from Flash, Agents of SHIELD, and Gotham were all there. Even a few voice actors in anime.

I got to wander around for some time. Between looking through comics, one area since it was buy one get two free, I was there for probably 45 minutes, biggest downside was they had no set organization and numbers. This was like it for most booths that had paper or hard backs and not single issues. So I could find a volume 2 and 3 of Captain America, but not a volume 1. I am very picky on these things. I was into comics before anime, and well, I have much larger collection of comics. Issues wise it is probably over 400, graphic novels however I have less than I do for manga volumes.

comics collection
Very old pic I used before, this is not even half of them, this is just by series.

But there were a lot of other things. There were plenty of artist there and booths with figurines. I like my figurines.

Anyway I really am regretting one thing, well two things, I did not buy. I got the Compendium One of the Walking Dead, which has the first 48 comic issues in it. I wish I got 2 and 3 since they were on sale way cheaper than their in store price, even with a discount from membership since they were more than half off.  Plus that would have gotten my the first 150 issues. Either way after 3 years of wanting to get that, I did.

walking dead comoendium 1

Overall after a short time we needed to leave. We were there from 9:15 to 4:45. What was could have been summed up as window shopping or just browsing, was something that I had a lot of fun with. Sure it was crowded and I get nervous in crowds, it got hot, and I hardly talked. But I do not fully regret anything that happened.

Also all panels that I wish I could have gone to were not until the following day. Most of the events were of cosplay related, which did not interest me too much.

My first con might not have fully been what I expected. But it was not all bad in that sense. It was something I enjoyed and will hold onto the memories I guess in this post. Writing this part right now a day later, I still feel the same excitement I had yesterday for it. Sure I am not going today. But this everlasting feeling is still there.

I do wish I took more pictures. I just was unsure what to take, and it was not on my mind until we were leaving.  But, oh well, I had a lot of fun and hope to do it again some time. My brother does want to go to Pax East, a major gaming convention for those that don’t know, which is in the same building I think. But that is not until March.

Well, here are some pictures of me playing with Marth that night.

Feel free to tell me your experiences of your first convention. If you have not been to one, feel free to say what one you would like to go to.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe