This episode revealed a lot, not just on Mob and his abilities, but exactly what could happen in the future. We are almost at the halfway point for the series and with each  episode more questions may be answered, but more are also asked. This episode was action packed and instead of staling it is time to get started.


The Plot:

Well, episode 4 ended with Mob and Teruki about to fight. Unlike Mob, Teruki believes he is the main character and his psychic powers prove this. He discovered Mob is also a psychic.

mob 4 18

This episode continues with Teruki wanting to fight Mob, more annoyed than anything since he now feels threatened. At the same time, he wants to know who is stronger and wants Mob to fight. But Mob is reminded that his psychic powers are special, and people with special abilities should live by their own moral code. These words happen to come from Reigen himself. Dimple also believes that since Reigen apparently said this that they lose meaning.

Since Mob does not want to fight Dimple goes in. He powers up and sees that he should not have a problem dealing with Teruki. Of course Teruki defeats him in one hit, wiping him from existence. Mob’s progress to explosion goes up by three percent. He remembers all the moments with Dimple, the good and the bad. Teruki thought it would have made Mob attack, but it was quickly reminded that it only went up about 3%.

Mob then realizes that Dimple was an alright guy. Unlike Teruki who is trying to belittle everyone, Dimple believes he can be popular and can change. It is because of this Mob sees Dimple as a better person than Teruki. This of course gets him annoyed and wants to attack Mob at full power.

Mob still refuses to attack. When Teruki throws knives at Mob, Mob accidentally deflects one sending it back at Teruki to make him bald.

mob 5 11

Mob then finally realizes (12 minutes into the episode) that Teruki holds hostility towards him. But Mob is also saying that he does not get why Teruki sees himself higher than everyone. In fact, to Mob he sees him as average. He knows that without his psychic powers his life would be just like Mobs, and this scares him.

Teruki does not use his psychic powers, but actual hands to strangle Mob. Mob throws a weak punch. Teruki still pokes at Mob wanting him to fight back. Mob remembers a time from long ago when his brother was being picked on. All he seems to remember is that he hurt his brother and the high schoolers that picked on them.

Mob then falls unconscious nearing 100%. But as Teruki walks away believing the fight can only be a draw like this Mob gets back up, and an unknown power appears. It takes in all power around him, every type of energy. Mob is still unconscious, but his powers are going berserk.

He launches Teruki to the sky. Teruki then realizes how average he really is.

Mob wakes up only to realize what he did. His explosion reaches 100%. Unlike last time where it was out of anger, this was out of sadness. His powers rebuild the school.

mob 5 18

Later that day, Mob’s brother tells him what really happened, how it was the bullies that hurt him and not Mob. This was a lie. Mob’s powers went berserk that day. His brother knows this and knows whatever that was, is not Mob. He sees the news only to know that it happened again.

mob 5 19

Overall Thoughts:

Wow a lot happened.

I always view that there are two types of fights in anime. This also describes how easy it is talk about it in review. There are the fights that there is not a lot of talking that mean nothing or little and more hitting. Thus this is harder due to trying to describe the events. Then there are the fights like this, where there is a lot of action and the words actually have meaning. This is the easier one, since at certain times in the fight realizations cab come to light.

A lot was revealed in terms of Mob’s power. Like I theorized in episode 3, other emotions can take control at 100%. Last time it was rage; this time it was sadness. But at the same time, in times of distress, Mob can lose complete control of his power. I am uncertain what this could mean, could something else be controlling Mob, or perhaps it is his true self. A part of me wants to think it is the ID. In psychology it is the uncontrollable desires that are in our subconscious. The ego and superego keep the ID in check. But who knows, maybe it has nothing to do with that.

Anyway, in terms of the episode, besides what was revealed about Mob’s powers. The action was steady throughout. I was actually glad that after 12 minutes it only occurred to Mob that Teruki was hostile towards him. Mob even said he can sometimes be oblivious as well as not fully understand other people’s feelings. It really stuck to his character in this episode for him to realize this after so long.

Overall it was an enjoyable episode and really gave a solid conclusion to the build up from the previous episode. There is still plenty of room for where they could go. Teruki seemed like he had something to say to Mob, but was unable to. Dimple is also missing, so who knows if he will appear again. But this all seems like it could be answered in the next episode or two. The true direction of the show seems to be somewhat of a mystery, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Overall Enjoyment: 100/100

Overall Score: A

Feel free as always to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe