Well, with last two weeks really being about a fight between Mob and a fellow esper, time to get back to the norm and dealing with other characters, since it is not always about Mob.


The Plot:

Well, episode 5 had that big fight, which we find out was now a week ago. Mob is working his part-time job with Reigen. This time Reigen is working on a means to communicate with the great beyond by helping a client. Ultimately Reigen accidentally knocks his client out in self-defense. Mob asks if everything he did last week was considered self-defense.

Anyway, with the shadow leader, aka the esper Teruki being defeated, the delinquent leader from Mob’s school wonders who defeated him. So, he goes searching. The leader of Mob’s club simply says he is someone who does not wish to fight, meaning he probably knows about Mob.

Also both the news reporter and Telepathy Club president wish to know more on what happened that day.  Mostly since it was an esper vs esper fight. Also Mob brings up that Reigen’s powers are spiritual and not Psychic which is why he cannot sense any power from him.

Time for the star of this episode, Mob’s younger brother, Ritsu. He is approached by a man who wishes to study psychic powers and hopes to bring out his potential. Ritsu of course thinks the man was looking for his brother. He wishes to have psychic powers of his own but does not want to go right away.

After some time of being reminded that he is normal and nothing like his brother he ultimately goes. Which there are others with psychic abilities too. They are not on Mob’s level, but are very very low-level and look more like tricks than actual power.

The man reveals himself to be very wealthy. Instead of using his wealth to help people he wants to study psychic powers in hopes of gaining some of his own.

To the next part of the episode. Ritsu also wishes to make the school better and get rid of the delinquents. The president takes this into his own hands and frames one of them.  Despite the earlier seen of showing that the delinquent wanting to change, he is quickly turned on by his classmates. Ritsu was a part of it, despite not wanting to be.

In the end Ritsu leaves the psychic place, meets Reigen only to see Dimple haunting a place. Of course in the rage of leaving the psychic place it is revealed Ritsu does have psychic powers. Then the episode ends.

mob 6 11

Overall Thoughts:

It was rather pleasant going back to the other characters after the last two episodes. Also seeing some consequences too. The consequences might not have affected Mob directly, but it is starting to feel like it might affect the rest of the series.

I am glad that this episode was more focused on Ritsu. It could have gone a different way, but it felt like it just worked. His character for the last few episodes have been slowly developing now there was more of a flood to it.

But the series itself now seemed to of focus on Mob and him growing up, now is starting to spread to his brother.  I also doubt we have seen the last of Teruki and something similar may happen later. But even with the main focus being the brother Mob still got some development, or at least reassurance when it comes to his power.

This week was more build up mixed in with that character development. Although Mob looking for other espers did not seem as important, plenty appeared and at least one or two more questions came up. But to get answers to those I feel it might not be until after this character arc with Ritsu is over.

The episode was rather enjoyable and although going back to the norm, still straying away by expanding on other characters.


Overall Score: B

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe