Well, the arc is nearing its close. The series more and more now that it has reached its 1/3rd point I can say it is starting to look worth it. But although most of what to come in the next 30 episodes will probably be a good mix of canon and original and more original at that. It is time to talk about the battle that shapes the direction for where not only their fights, but romance as well between the two young exorcists.


The Plot:

So, quick catch up. The last two episodes they fought Beino’s brother Yuto. Then after given 24 hours or Yuto kills everyone that Rokuro cares for Beino and Rokuro decide to put that into training Resonance, a skill only Twin Stars can use. Now with their deadline up, it is time to face him.

twin star 18 15

So, it was quickly revealed Yuto’s stage for that battlefield was none other than the dorm from two years ago. Yuto says it was where a lot of idiots he called friends died.

twin star 19 1

But this quickly starts into a fight since Rokuro refuses Yuto’s proposal. Yuto also does not like the fact his sister showed up, which he sees that it just goes to show how week Rokuro really is enlisting her help.

So, while that fight is breaking out, and the young exorcists land several Resonance attacks on Yuto, the Basara Kamui is watching over them.

twin star 19 4

After landing a few more Resonance attacks, Yuto goes into his Kegare form. Of course he says it hardly hurt him. He even fakes coughing blood to throw them off guard.

twin star 19 5

Beino attacks, and Yuto gets fed up with her speed. He destroys her legs. It was a lot more graphic in the manga to say the least. But oh well, it does not really matter. Still, Beino lost her legs.

But after destroying her legs Yuto feels that Beino was holding back. In fact, he believes that Beino does not want to kill him. He throws her aside not wanting to finish the job, but to let the other lesser Kegare to finish the job.

Before they could kill Beino Kamui shows up. He likes fighting strong opponents. He even allows them to live when they have potential to grow stronger. But before he can say more it goes back to Yuto.

twin star 19 10

Yuto reveals some of his plans. First he revealed he lied about not killing Rokuro’s loved ones. Then his plan is to take the spell power from everyone in the country. Kegare and humans are not perfect. So by absorbing the spell power from all of them he may become a perfect being. Needless to say Rokuro is more annoyed that this will bring forth countless death.

twin star 19 11

Back to Beino and Kamui, he gives her a deal. He could replace the legs she lost. This is so she can grow stronger. But although it would mean taking help from an enemy it would mean she could still fight. She accepts thinking it will make her stronger to fight by Rokuro’s side.

Kamui states that if it turns her into am impurity he will kill her. It nearly does too. But she remembers Rokuro. She realizes a lot all thanks to him. Although not clearly stated, she realized her feelings for him, which allowed her to gain a new power.twin star 19 14

Where Rokuro has his arm, she now has both her legs. Thus the episode ends with still plenty more of a fight to go.

twin star 19 15

Overall Thoughts

This is one of the fights in the manga that I really enjoyed. I am so glad that they made it into two episodes instead of shoving it all into this one. Of course now I have to wait a week until the next episode, but oh well.

This episode was not too heavy on the ideal talk. This was more of an action fight and kick butt. Yes, there were few moments where there was talks in the second half of the episode. Personally I think it worked better that way. In terms of the manga and this it is a little too early to have it be nothing more than trying to fight Yuto to win. He is the main antagonist.

There were a few bits of what I felt were poorly animated scenes, this was with Yuto at the very beginning of the episode. He seemed taller, or his head looked weird, or something, it was fine for the rest of the episode, but at the start it just bugged me.

This episode was still fun. Although it might not be a five-episode fight. It certainly worked for the series to put it in two episodes, even if it does not look like all of episode 20 is the fight.


Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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