Well the season is almost over. It has been a little different ever since I decided to wait a week to watch shows. Sometimes this was for the better sometimes not so much. The best case was for Twin Star Exorcists and Mob Psycho 100. Anyway, let’s start talking about the half way point thoughts.


Currently Watching:

Sweetness and Lightning (Amaama to Inazuma)

Episodes seen: 7

I really enjoy it. I know I stay a week behind, but even when that week pasts I still do not watch the episode right away. At first I thought this was a problem. But now I am rather liking it. Since most of my days are spent job hunting now watching anime during the week becomes less and less. So it is nice in the afternoon before supper to watch an episode of it after accomplishing something. It is probably one of the two biggest shows this season that are stress relievers for me. There are others, but this one is the best.

Enjoyment: 8/10

nom noms


Episodes seen: 4

I should have seen episode 6 by now, but this again is the other big stress reliever. Although I do not enjoy it as much, which is why I am only one episode 4. I still want to go and catch up. Hopefully after this post goes up I will have to edit this, perhaps I did and it said 4 not 5. Either way although I do not enjoy it as much as other shows this season. It is alright. It is funny when it counts and it is relaxing when it needs to be.

Enjoyment: 6/10

wow what is this

This Art Club has a Problem! (Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!)

Episodes Seen: 6

I started this one late, I think episode 4 aired when I started to watch it. I do rather enjoy it, and it sort of gave me something to watch on Thursdays, which previously had nothing. It is funny and cute at times. Another relaxing anime, but not as relaxing as the other two. This one is more comedic than the others.

Enjoyment: 7/10

thumbs up

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Episodes Seen: 8

This is the only show I do not wait a week after it is airing to watch. As much as I would like to try, it does not seem possible. I just enjoy it too much. I do like the original series more, but I really like all the characters in this series. Episode 6 was a little rocky, but it is starting to get better. Easily one of my top favorites this season.

Enjoyment: 10/10

it is so hard to be normal

New Game

Episodes Seen: 7

This is another one that is up there for shows I really like this season.  It is cute, funny, and reminds me I still need to see Shirobako. Anyway despite my small issues here and there with it, it seems to get lost in the many things I enjoy about it. It is fun, cute, and just enjoyable in general. I really like it and this one sort of benefited from the holding back a week on watching episodes.

Enjoyment: 9/10

chibi pout

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

Episodes Seen 5

I said when I went to go watch it in the first impressions I would give it 3 episodes. This show is still not the greatest, and I am starting to see that there is no real potential for it. However, I just love to watch it in hopes of finding a means to make fun of it. It may not fully be amazing, but it is just holding up on keeping my attention.

Enjoyment: 5/10

you cant be serious

Other Shows:

Alderamin in the Sky

I am uncertain if I will continue or not. I think I only saw the first three maybe four episodes. I would like to continue since it was a good military in a fantasy world unlike others of a similar nature. I will try to continue.


This show is cute, really fun to watch. But as much as I enjoy watching it, I see no rush to watch it. Although cute, at times I do get slightly bored every now and again. I think I am only two episodes behind, but I am not in any rush.


Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

Since the show stopped airing after episode four due to production issues and it now being on hiatus I think until September, which they are then going to start airing from the beginning. I am still on episode 2. I liked those first two episodes, I just never really got back into it. I may once it starts airing again.

Tales of Zestria the X

Despite being a Ufotable anime, I find it a struggle to watch. I really enjoy it, but like most game adaptations I struggle to watch it. I think I am only two episodes maybe three episodes behind. I am probably more. But I will try, even if it finishes airing a second cour comes out in the winter. I do want the game, which may be preventing me from watching the anime so I don’t get spoiled.

Ange Vierge

I did like the first two episodes’ sort of. It was alright at best.  However, after episode 4 it really felt like from what I saw that it is just going to repeat itself and focus on a different character to save each episode. I could be wrong, but even then I doubt I will continue.

Orange and Qualidea Code

I only saw episode one, Orange I wanted to continue, just had no urge to. I probably will not pick it back up. Qualidea Code I heard got better. Which may be a reason to continue. But since both shows I am only one episode one, it will either be hard or I am going to have no motivation to continue to catch up.


Reviewing Shows:

ReLife I am doing a series review, so I decided to withhold it from this post. The review has been written and will be out next month.

sorry cat pic

Taboo Tattoo

Episodes Seen: 5

I stopped the reviews over at Anime Corps. This was partially due to my enjoyment decreasing each episode. I do plan on continuing and doing a series review over there. But compared to other shows, the real issue I have with it is pacing. There are a lot of issues with that in the first five episodes and I seemed to bring that up each episodes or two for review. I do sort of like it, but well, I still have more problems than what I like about it.

Overall Enjoyment: 6/10

what the heck

Mob Pyscho 100

Episodes Seen: 6

Really liking this. As mentioned at the start, this was one show that I really started to like a lot more due to the holding back a week. I see some things on twitter, but not too much to get spoiled on. Most things I see just want me to watch the next episode more. It is fun and action packed. I said in one of my reviews that it is nothing like One Punch Man, which some people did not like. This is by the same creator however this focuses more on growing up and the struggles, of course psychic powers are thrown into the mix.

Enjoyment: 8.5/10

mob 2 12

Twin Star Exorcists

Episodes Seen: 19

With the show being 50 episodes and me having a lot of problem with the first half, I can start to say right now it is worth it. With shows I like to watch at least 1/3rd of it to decide if I will continue or plan to continue it fully. Of course with a show that is 50 episodes, that is about 20 episodes you need to give it before fully deciding to continue. The show had a rocky start, that much is clear. This mostly came from the original anime episodes. But now that they are progressing with canon material the original episodes are blending rather well with the show and have gotten better. Some cases I forgot I was watching an original episode thinking it was canon. If you stopped watching it after the first half, certainly try to pick it up again.

Enjoyment: 9/10

twin star 10 6

Although I am rather behind I plan on catching up after finishing the previous season for Soma and Fate/Prisma. I also am really behind on Re:Zero, but I like watching it in bulk. Other shows are up in the air if I will try to catch up or not since they either have another season airing or are still airing from the spring season.


So, what shows from this season are your favorites? What did you drop? What shows were you uncertain on? Feel free to share your thoughts.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe