Well, it now occurred to me that I have no idea if I saw five mecha series. I am also considering Gundam as one whole entity, but at the same time I will not use more than one, like with normal franchises with different series in the franchise. So, while I struggle to think of five of these, let’s get started.

Top Fives are only going to be once a month. This is mostly due to lack of ideas for it. I will take suggestions here or on twitter and will give shout outs to the person who came up with that. So besides commenting about your favorite mecha series, feel free to throw down a few ideas on a Top Five you would like to see.


Number 5: Cross Ange

Where to begin for this show. Not really sure where to. It certainly does not come off as a good series the first few episodes. It is super ecchi, and well, let’s just say there are a lot of unpleasant and uncomfortable scenes early on. However, once that threshold is past it turns into a decent mecha with dragons and yuri and other cool things. I saw it when it was airing, which I think it is now almost two years old.

For a time, I remember really looking forward to each episode as it aired. I had my problems early on. Now looking back, I can see it being alright. The only reason why it is on this spot and not the number 4 spot is due to how it began.

Also I am like 90% sure without looking it up, but all the mecha anime I am about to talk about, including this one is by Sunrise. Well, I was wrong after looking it up, only one is not. But I do remember hearing that there were a few nods to some Gundam series in this show. Either way it was enjoyable, although I do not plan on watching it again any time soon, I will still get angry on that final ship between with who the main character ends up with.

cross ange

Number 4: Buddy Complex

This is the first mecha I watched, sort of. There was another, which is on this list, but I viewed it as the first mecha I saw. Each week I was just more and more pumped up for it. I always looked forward and was disappointed when it only got 12 episodes. But I was glad for the 2 episodes that came out later that gave an appropriate ending to the show.

At the same time for the ending, I did like it, and although it made no sense at all to me, it gave a complete story and gave the feeling that it was fully over. The series revolved around time travel and a relationship, it gave answers and an ending fitting for it. Thus I was satisfied.

I certainly now see that this series was at best, an alright anime. Every episode seemed to have some sort of fight. I really do remember the main girl still being one of my favorite characters for most Mecha series I seen. Why is it rare for a female pilot?

Either way this is again a show I do not give much praise to past my original joy for it, unlike others where I still would enjoy looking back on them.

buddy complex

Number 3: Rinne no Lagarange

This is the only one not by Sunrise on this list.

This one I would say is a more timid Cross Ange in terms of the yuri relationship. I did a review on it, I think I brought it up on several top five before. Personally I would put this show in my top 30 or top 50 depending on my memory looking into other series.

I stated in my review, and I still stick by this, is the characters are wonderful. But there are plenty of problems with the plot. The characters however save the plot. Since I believe great characters can save a bad plot any day. But a great plot cannot save bad characters unfortunately.

My problem with this series mostly stems in the second half. It also made it hard for me to watch. But the characters certainly allowed for me to continue, maybe not as much as the shows first half. Still just enough to enjoy it.

This is probably a show I would put on a list for summer time anime. It certainly gives that feeling even when the show has scenes in the fall, winter, and spring. The beach area is wonderful. Unlike other shows on this list there are times when I forgot it was a mecha. If you are looking for robot verse robot fights this show lacks in this department.

The plot at times just seems like it is there, since between episodes that deal with the fights or plot it is always about the characters first and foremost regardless if they are the main characters or the main villains.

I would have to recommend it as a way to get into the mecha genre too. It certainly gives off that feeling.

The three best girl trio

Number 2: Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

For starters this is my first Gundam series, this also will only be focusing on season one, since at the time this post comes out season two has yet to start airing.

It certainly took me a long time to finish this show. This was mostly due to school. However, being my first Gundam and not being a disappointment it certainly makes me want to put it on this list in this spot.

I really like how it is done. There are arcs at times that focus on some individual characters, while others are a few episodes that deal with the plot. I may be curious what the second season will do. But the first was enjoyable to the end.

It is rare for me to look back on shows and hardly see any problems with it. I think there are two for this one. One is the fact that I did not fully watch it weekly and took forever to finish it. The other being the ending. Certainly it was building up for a second season. But it gave some sense of closure. The final fight I wish was slightly longer, but it was more about moral instead of actual fighting to survive for once. The show had plenty of surprises and made me look forward to even more Gundam series to check out.

It certainly deserves it spot. Of all the ones on this list, this show is probably how I think of ideal mecha anime, space, robots fighting, some political stuff thrown in there, and good characters.


Number 1: Code Geass

This was my third anime I ever saw. It is all thanks to the Abridge Series Code Ment. After watching that abridge series I think I honestly watched a good nearly ten episodes in one sitting without realizing it. I finished the first series in just twenty-four hours. Although it was not until months later when I saw the second season.

I am not sure if nostalgia is making me put it in this spot. Personally I forgot it was a mecha series at times since it did not give me that feeling it really was. Since again my view was that mechas took place in space. But it really was a mecha.

I do have my problems with the second season. The first was certainly wonderful. I loved the characters. I did enjoy a lot of the school life scenes too. Certainly I liked the mecha fights more than them, but still. It gave a lot to the characters and is still a lot different compared to any mecha anime I seen to date.

More than anything this show was a battle of ideals. It worked out wonderfully for it. It really had the characters stick to those ideals, and be influenced by other characters as well. This is not really focusing on the second season since it feels like all those ideals were thrown out the window.

This show certainly has it charms. I may have plenty of more problems with this show compared to the others on this list. But I certainly also have a lot more things I enjoy compared to any on this list as well for it too.


I should have put Neon Genesis Evangelion on this list, but well, I am going to wait since I have my problems with it. I also want to see the movies as well when they are all done.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe