For starters I am an older brother. I do not have an older sibling, just two younger ones. Although I may not know what it is like to have psychic powers, I do see some resemblance of what this episode is like in comparing it to my younger siblings. Anyway I might touch more on that later. Let’s get started.


The Plot:

So, while episode 6 ended with Ritsu seeing Dimple, this episode expands on that ending. For starters with the rumor of Mob beating Teruki two episodes back the schools in the area are taking notice. They all want to challenge this new person who they refer to as White T Poison.

mob 7 1

So, back to Dimple and Ritsu. Dimple was waiting outside of Mob’s house. Apparently after coming back his powers were too weak. Since Mob is so strong, he could not get into the house. Luckily Ritsu lets him in.

mob 7 2

Dimple also says that since Ritsu can see him he has psychic powers. Which the two test out and he becomes rather strong. Of course Dimple tries to take over Ritsu’s body but is still too weak to do anything other than enhancing Ritsu’s power.

mob 7 3

Anyway, at school Ritsu and the President are still targeting the delinquents and framing them. It is due to this after some training Ritsu realizes that his powers are growing stronger because he has been dealing with corruption and does not like it. The guilt too is acting as fuel for his powers.

Ritsu practices his powers at the Psychic Institute from last episode. But on his way home some of the bullies realized that they were framed and target him. He deals with them.

mob 7 8

Before he can walk away Teruki shows up, with a large embarrassing wig. He gives Ritsu the same advice Mob gave him, and not to rely on his psychic powers. But Ritsu tries to challenge him and quickly finds out he is not strong enough. He wishes to grow stronger.

mob 7 9

Meanwhile Mob finally gets some spotlight. A con-woman tries to con him into paying for a vase. But a fellow conman is right beside her trying to get Mob to pay. The only way to deal with this con duo is with another conman, thus Reigen shows up.


After they got rid of that problem, Reigen and Mob talk for a bit. For starters Mob thought the reason they scared the people into not having to pay was due to Reigen. Reigen thought Mob used his powers. But neither did it. Thus brings the mystery of who did.

Then back at school, Ritsu realizes and tells the president on what he is doing. But he still sticks with it. But delinquents from other schools start showing up and since Ritsu dealt with it, everyone thought it was the president.

mob 7 14

Thus he starts getting targeted since the gangs from other schools thinks he is White T Poison.

mob 7 15

Ritsu knows Dimple is just using him. But he got rid of the problems at the school, and he also feels strong enough where Dimple is not a problem.

mob 7 16

But after school all the gangs target Ritsu. But Teruki sees this and decides to get Mob. Someone else was watching, a man. He wants to see how the fight goes. He was clearly after Ritsu for his psychic powers.

mob 7 17

After the fight ends, Mob shows up seeing what his brother did. Then it ends leaving that simple question by Mob.

mob 7 18

Overall Thoughts

Back on my little conversation at the start. I may be an older brother, but there have been times when I saw my brothers be somewhat jealous of me. They see me as a person that had things all figured out and having things I enjoy. But at the same time, I was like Mob, not only did I not see myself doing anything special, but also being someone jealous of my siblings for what they had at that time too. It is just weird thinking how well that sibling relationship was so relatable to this show.

Then again in anime there are plenty of sibling relationships I am glad are not real. Why aren’t there more like Mob and Ritsu sibling relationship?

As for the actual episode thoughts. It is certainly building up a lot from what happened last week. The momentum keeps building up and although I do not know how episode 9 will be. I am certainly hoping it holds up.

This episode expanded more on Ritsu. Although this time was more still dealing with some consequences from Mob, but also just Ritsu and his psychic powers. There is certainly a lot being built up. Even with the side characters. This is mostly in terms with the club Mob is a part of. I doubt the president will be seen in a major role any time soon. It feels like this episode was more of a stepping stone and the president mostly served as a plot device to move Ritsu and his powers forward.

It is certainly building up at the end. I do have a feeling it will not be a psychic fight between brothers. If anything it will be one-sided with Mob not wanting to fight. Who knows really. Either way it was still enjoyable. Maybe not big on the laughs like previous weeks. It certainly gave to Ritsu and a few side characters a lot this episode.


Overall Score: B

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe