The battle between the Twin Stars and Yuto comes to an end. I do want to mention a few things that were different in the manga compared to the anime. So, with that said let’s just go right into it.


The Plot:

So, episode 19 ended with Beino going through the Kegare corruption to get a new pair of legs. This episode starts with Beino actually thanking Kamui, since she now can fight alongside Rokuro again. But Kamui could care less as long as he gets a good fight later on.

twin star 20 1

Beino then charges in at her brother. Her speed is finally shown. The manga she is known for how quick she was. The anime felt like she was a lot slower. But now that is not stopping her as she goes full force against her brother.

twin star 20 2

But after several attacks, even learning that the attacks were doing a lot of damage on Yuto, her legs give out. Since they were brought out by a Basara, they were not as strong. They also do not last long since Beino now can no longer move to fight.

Before Yuto can starting beating on Beino, Rokuro steps up to protect her. There the two fight.twin star 20 5

Of course one of Yuto’s first attacks replaces Rokuro’s stomach with nothing.

twin star 20 6
This is equal to the Black Knight saying “It’s just a flesh wound.”

Then Rokuro glows, some new power awakens to heal him, which I actually know what it is but don’t want to spoil anything since it was never said. But this glow fades.

twin star 20 7

Yuto then goes into his Kegare form, to make sure he kills them. But the fights continue between just Rokuro and Yuto. Rokuro remembers the time at the dorms two years ago before the tragedy. He nearly gives up only to have the other children from that time push him back to land an attack. This one hits Yuto and purification starts to work.

Yuto then falls into a pit of darkness after another strong blow caused by Rokuro. The sky clears. Beino makes it to Rokuro side. Both are upset at the other for nearly dying and fighting. But both are glad that the other is alive.

Rokuro later wakes up in Kyoto. The meeting with eleven of the twelve Heavenly Commanders begins. This is because Rokuro and Beino fought a fight they should not have. Yuto got away, where if the Heavenly Commanders fought him they would have killed Yuro. Both say they would gladly accept the punishment since they knew what was being risked. (Reminder Yuto did threaten to kill everyone they cared for.) Rokuro however, still wants to go after Yuto, but in order to now, he has to marry Beino and have the baby then his duty as a Twin Star is over and he can do whatever.

Rokuro nearly let’s this happen. But he does not think it is fair. He knows that if the Miko will bring an end to the fighting the burden would be too much for the baby. He vows to put an end to the war before his child could be born. Beino agrees to this.

The Head Exorcists will give them two years. With the calamity nearing, and the need even more for the Miko now, they are given two years to grow stronger than the Twelve Heavenly Commanders. If they cannot, they will be forced to marry, have a child, and stop being Exorcists. Beino and Rokuro agree to this.

twin star 20 16

They are not the only ones who what to grow stronger. Meanwhile still at the hospital, Mayura asks her father to train her so she can fight alongside them someday.

twin star 20 17

Later Beino and Rokuro talk while at a festival. Rokuro and Beino know they want to get stronger. They mean what they said. The episode ends when Rokuro gives Beino new hair clips, wanting to basically “protect her smile.”

twin star 20 18

Overall Thoughts:

Alright, I will end on the manga to anime comparison. Also, it is confirmed that starting with ep 21 it will be an anime original arc, and after the time skip too. Personally I was hoping for at least 1 episode taking place during that time skip but oh well. I am going to guess the arc will be at the very least 7 episodes long. There are about 30 chapters of the manga . Although I have not read it in awhile, the chapter after the time skip is seemingly all one arc. Since the series the last 10 episodes decided to focus on canon, they went from covering the first 3 chapters, to almost the first 20. Not a lot of room. By the time the anime ends, the manga will roughly be around 40, maybe, still not a lot of room for 50 episodes.

Anyway, my thoughts right now, having not seen anything about the anime original arc, is that it will be a major impact on the series. Depending how long it is, it may say a lot. It was a rocky start, but now we are near the middle of the 50 episodes. But given how original episodes been and tying it with canon the last few, I do have hope and am really really looking forward to it. Which is just another reason why I am glad I am holding back watching shows each week after they air.


Now, time for the actual episode.

The first half really did not mess around in stopping the fight for long. If episode 19 and this episode was watched back to back, it would probably seem like the same episode. No long recap getting in the way like some fights.

Certainly there were a lot more mysteries to pop up. Rokuro’s power, the calamity that they really know nothing about, and a few other things. At the end it was just like the manga, but maybe even stronger now since there was plenty of original stuff thrown in, and Beino and Rokuro’s feelings for one another are starting to show.

The second half was really setting up for the time skip and the characters in general. I really do like the fact Beino and Rokuro want to continue fighting so their future child does not have to. I do like the speech a bit more in the manga, since they basically also say they would be terrible parents to put a burden like that on their child.

Either way it was a great mix of action and setting it up, but of course the ending really showing what may happen in the next two years between Rokuro and Beino.

Overall Enjoyment: 100/100

Overall Score: A


Manga to Anime Comparison

Keep in mind this may contain spoilers. This could be due to the anime saving this for a later date.

For starters, I read the manga for the first 18 chapters in like a day or two. So, I honestly do not remember if the calamity was mentioned. If it was, then it really is happening. If it was not, well, this show might be getting an anime original ending. I am leaning towards the fact I do not remember.

Anyway, the Island was not mentioned. This is really important, at least in the manga. It is where the strongest kegare are and basically the front line of this war. It was believed Yuto went there. Rokuro and Beino were not allowed to go since they were not strong enough, even the 12 Heavenly Commanders have trouble there. Learning this, is why the two wish to grow stronger too.

Now, they could be holding this back, since their training went into another arc that involved someone who would be able to know if they are considered strong enough to fight on the island. Because the anime is going into an anime original arc next, this information might be withheld until the end of that arc. That is my assumption.

But there was one thing I was a little disappointed in them leaving out. The manga, as the chapter ended when Rokuro and Beino defeated Yuto, there was a voice over. This voice over was by their child saying something along the lines were, “My parents had many struggles ahead, but this was the end of their first battle.” Now, I do not fully remember the exact words, but it was something along those lines. I really liked that, but it would have made more sense if the episode ended there. Where this episode ended, it would have felt out-of-place.

That is all I can think of on the top of my head for the major changes from manga to anime.


Feel free to say your thoughts on the anime as a whole.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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