The last month I started to realize that with the name Reviewer’s Corner, outside of weekly episode reviews I have been lacking in reviews. There has also be the fact I stopped doing The Favs Posts since I want to change it up. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to do Top Fives, I am running out of ideas. So, I am writing this about a week in advance, so I aim to do at least one Top Five a month until I can get some really good ideas going for it.

Now, with that said I will then only be coming out with weekly reviews. Next season I am uncertain if I will do two. The current season I sort of overloaded myself doing three, two here and one on Anime Corps, ultimately I dropped that one. Now if I just do one weekly review, it will be Twin Star Exorcists since I want to see it to the end. Most of next season seems to be sequels. But what I am reviewing next season, well, I will know come closer to that season.


So, time for what I been promoting on twitter. A major change is coming and hopefully I will stick to it. I been working on reviews, mostly series at this point, to build up them. I seem to want to write a review on a show, but once I find time I stopped watching it months ago. Not anymore!

The first Saturday of the month (providing it is not the first, if it is it will be replaced by the update and come out the following day) will be for anime series reviews. Also I may do it on the fourth Saturday of the month. I am also stopping all OVA and movie reviews, unless of course they are available for legal streaming or can be bought and have access to them, plus I don’t always watch the OVAs and Movies of shows. Even if they are, it will be unlikely I will.

I already written:

  • ReLife
  • Gundam Build Fighters
  • Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 1

Working on:

  • Haikyu Season 1


  • Love Live Sunshine
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try
  • Natsume’s Book of Friends S2-5
  • Haikyu Season 2 and Season 2
  • Amanchu
  • Aria S1-S3
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Taboo Tattoo (Will be on Anime Corps)

So right now twice a month providing I write reviews for all theses, I am set until March. Those are also shows I plan on finishing either in the next month or when the show finishes airing.

But that is not all. Manga and Graphic Novel Reviews will start; however, they are ones I own. Also I will be doing a week-long poll on Twitter to vote for the next month’s reviews. It will be on the Reviewer’s Corner Twitter, but Retweeted daily on my main twitter at random times.

Manga Review for this month: Monster Musume Volume 1

I already did last year, Akame Ga Kill, Fairy Tail, and Attack on Titan Vol 1, I may do more volumes in the future.

Graphic Novel Review for this month: Marvel Masterworks Avengers Vol 1


I will do a poll on the next month’s comic/manga reviews the day the post comes out. The will be on the second and third Saturdays respectively.

I will always have three options, 2 being the first volumes, and one being the second, and lastly if anyone is looking for a certain review as well. My collection of manga and comics can be found here on my Collection Page.

Also since I am a Marvel fanboy, I only have 1 graphic novel that is pure DC comics, I do have non-marvel ones. I may, although I am not fully certain may do issue reviews in bulk of Flash Rebirth.  That is if anyone is interested in this. So, maybe once every few months I do like Issue 1-7 or something like that.


It is rare for me to write posts days in advance. Few posts I actually took weeks, or in Dub VS Sub posts, months to write. So, it is certainly going to be weird having several posts done way in advance. Since I do not watch a lot of anime series that finished airing outside of summer. I should have enough completed that by the time the Winter Season starts you will see some summer and fall anime that aired for series reviews. At least that is my goal.

I always ran into the problem with series reviews that I do not complete them often. Which is why so far this year for series reviews I only done one, here anyway. So hopefully now that I am writing them shortly after finish watching them. I will still do a series reviews of my weekly reviews once they finish airing. That will probably take place of one of the reviews of October, January, April, and July.

This is still in the planning stages. When I started this blog I wanted to have series reviews once a month. I never did that. But now it is finally time to try to do that.


Other Posts This Month:

Top Fives I know I stated in the last one will be once a month, this month’s being Top Five Onee-sans.

Obviously Pre-season impressions will be out before the end of the season.

Since I been watching anime a week after it airs, final impressions will not be until October.

Twin Star Reviews I will aim for Wednesdays, and Mob Psycho 100 for Tuesdays the latest.

There are no real plans other than that. At least on the top of my head.


To end things off I just want to say thank you everyone. We recently hit 200 wordpress followers. I know I have twitter followers that follow this blog too. Still, thank you everyone who does. Be it if you come here just once or every time or every now and again. It is weird thinking it.


As always if you have any suggestions for what you would want to see here, feel free to comment.