Mob Psycho 100 never felt like it would be all about the fights. The characters are certainly the most important role. Even truth on how the characters have been revealed in their fights previously. However, although each character may have their own problem, there are times when this does not come into play. This is one of those fights. So, let’s get started.


The Plot:

Episode 8 ended with Mob seeing his brother beat up delinquents from several schools. This episode goes a little bit before then. Mob is still people watching with Tome of the Telepathy Club. Teruki shows up and tells him there is some problems with someone from his school. When Mob gets there it kicks right off where episode 8 ended.

Mob is of course curious who all the people are on the ground. Ritsu tells him and how he beat them with his psychic powers. At first Mob is glad the Ritsu has psychic powers, even though Ritsu tries using it on Mob. Dimple flees knowing Ritsu could not beat Mob. He even goes to tell Teriki.

The hooded man, and for all intended purposes I will refer to him as Bearded Man for this review, is still watching over them. He gets told to take Ritsu by another man on the phone. This other man happens to be at the esper training area and all the other members are captured.

Back to Mob and Ritsu. Ritsu reveals that he does not really have an inferiority complex to his brother. In fact, it was fear, disguising itself in admiration. Ritsu knows he would not be strong enough to fight his brother. He is powerless, and thus is afraid if Mob loses control. Sucking up to him was a way to please his brother so he would not lose control. Ritsu says he intends to fight Mob and their way of acting to one another ends now.

Mob does not believe him. In fact, he goes over to delinquents that Ritsu defeated previously and begins to apologize. Ritsu does not want him to. Before anything else happens the Bearded Man shows up and attacks Ritsu.


Of course this does not please Mob. Being under control of his emotions quickly skyrockets from nearly nothing to the  fifty percent range. Mob gets quickly hit a few times and is nearly incapacitated.


The Bearded Man starts to walk away, but well, Mob gets up again even more angry now. The Bearded Man may be an esper, but he got the one guy he should not have angry.


Mob also realizes that this man is the adult esper from before.

See I just said that.

This however does not stop Mob from attacking. The man fights back with his own moves. Mob does not hold back as much, but still does, since he is fighting an esper. But unlike other fights Mob is beaten, quickly, badly, and nearly to death.


Ritsu offers to be taken in hopes of stopping the man from hurting Mob. But this does not stop him.


Mob gets up again and loses control going to 100 percent. The fight quickly becomes one-sided in Mob’s favor. So, after jumping through the sky throwing the Bearded Man through a building. Both get up again.


The Bearded Man not only surprised how much he is being pushed back grabs what everyone assumes to be a knife. Once close to Mob he uses a special gas to knock him out.

Mob gets back up again, but the Bearded Man flees with Ritsu knowing he could not take another attack from Mob. Not only do the delinquents realize Mob is White T Poison, but he is standing unconscious.

Meanwhile, Reigen is working with a client and is wondering what is going on with Mob, since he did not show up for work. Kind of sad how after episode two he took the backseat in just about every way.


After a few brief flashes of memories, Mob wakes up. Of course he is annoyed at Dimple. In all honesty he still seemed furious. But Teruki explains what is going on.


Ritsu happened to be taken but a group of espers known as Claw. They are a sort of organization working on mass production of esper powers to weaponize them. They also brain wash espers to do their bidding. To top it off with their hundred-man strong team, the weaponized version is not as strong as natural-born, but it that size that makes them feared. They have been targeting Teruki for some time now apparently.


So, Mob goes to see the institute Ritsu was at, only to see the man who knows nothing other than the fact the other kids were taken as well.

As the credits role, Ritsu is brought to a strange building in the woods with the other espers.


Overall Thoughts:

For starters, wow a lot happened, sort of. Explaining what happened at least.

Anyway, I am glad that this episode did not turn into Mob fighting Ritsu. Personally I am glad how Mob responded in such a happy way, even with Ritsu hostilities.

Compared to the fight with Dimple and the fight with Teruki this one was certainly different. Against Dimple Mob snapped since he was tricked. Against Teruki he did not want to see him use his abilities against people. Both cases he lost control against his will. This fight was certainly interesting since it was not through force, it seemed more willing to lose control.

It could be argued that Mob willingly lost control to protect his brother or because his brother being beaten that was what forced him against his will to lose control. It could be viewed either way. However even well after the fight Mob still was angry. So I would like to think it was the first option.

This fight certainly brought out Mob’s anger in a lasting way. His emotions are becoming unstable, which to now he has been holding them under control, even after he loses control.

The episode certainly brought a lot more out of Mob than what was expected. There may not have been a lot of talking, but there was certainly plenty enough character development with Mob and direction to where the final few episodes could be heading.


Overall Score: A

Overall Enjoyment: 100/100

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe