Well, for those who do not know this was the first episode kicking off an anime original arc. Not only that, but, it kicks off the two-year time skip bringing up information of what happened to the young exorcists the last two years and what life is like now. So, let’s get started.


The Plot:

It is Mayura’s time to shine in her debut battle. But of course, the other members, including Haruka (an anime original character from episode 15) are in the fight as well against a swarm of Kegare. Mayura is a bit clumsy as she preps for the leader of the swarm. She does a spell only to have the Twin Stars themselves appear to help her. Mayura accidentally uses her own spell on herself so Beino and Rokuro quickly end the fight.

After some quick explanation and words of encouragement to Mayura, it is time for the three to head on to their first day of high school.  There we learn a bit what happened over the last two years since the fight with Yuto. More specifically Rokuro, who seems to be a lot popular with everyone around him now, including girls he was rejected by. He has been working hard, both physically and mentally between studies for school and exorcist work. After the fight with Yuto he began giving it his all and became fully motivated in every way possible.


After school Beino and Mayura talk. More specifically about how Beino has been living with Rokuro for two years now. Mayura knows Beino’s feelings for Rokuro are obvious now and gives her a little advice telling her to read shojo manga.


At home Rokuro and Beino talk. Rokuro realizes that with how the last two years have been he honestly can’t see himself without Beino anymore. But Beino brings up the whole baby thing. This turns into a conversation, and in all honesty both seem more willing to have one together compared to two years ago. They may not have revealed their feelings towards one another yet, but it is clear they both have them and are still thinking of their duties as Twin Stars as a priority.


Earlier in the episode the Commanders and Underpants man aka Arima had a meeting talking about holes appearing in the sky. It is believed that Basara’s are assembling together. It is later in the episode when another hole appears briefly.


After another Kegare appears the following day, Rokuro sees a strange light, which only he can see. He goes to it, with everyone else following, only to find a mysterious girl. She comes off as friendly and even smiles towards everyone, well except Beino.


They take her to the dorm. For starters they believe a Kegare took her there. But there are no missing child reports. In the distance, Seign and Ji-sama talk knowing of a similar case years ago. The child in question from that case was Rokuro.

The little girl, named Sae now by Rokuro, since she does not know her name, quickly becomes attached to Rokuro. She is also a quick learner mimicking everything she heard on TV. Since the little girl is even calling Rokuro papa, Rokuro decides to watch over her for the night.


At their home, Beino and Rokuro play a bit with Sae, who again they learn that she picks things up quickly. She is reading encyclopedias while the two make dinner. After more playing and fun the three go to bed. Beino does not think she is really cut out to be a parent.

The following day Sae sings a song that Beino sang, which makes her happy as her, Rokuro, and Mayura go to school. But on their way a strange smoke fills the air as people start collapsing thus ending the episode.


Overall Thoughts:

My guess is that, since this is anime original and there is not really that much more source material to date left. They could probably adapt everything that is canon in five or at most eight episodes, and this is guessing by the way. This arc may go on for a least seven episodes. But depending what happens I could see it going to ten. It is too soon to say, unless they have another original arc planed to compensate for the lack of source material.

It may have been the start of an original arc, and although some canon was not brought up for events of the last two years. Some canon was brought up, an important mystery that as far as I know, has not been answered in the manga appeared. This was Rokuro being discovered in the other world as a small child. I am glad they brought this up, not only to link it to this original arc, but otherwise it would have been weird if they did not bring it up until after this arc with that major similarity.

I do believe there was something similar in the manga with Rokuro and Beino fighting alongside Mayura for the first time. It is hard to say since I read that a super long time ago now. But that was really it in terms of canon to appear.

This episode was rather interesting. It gave one thing that is important after the time skip, which is focusing on Beino and Rokuro’s relationship the spotlight. The battles after the time skip came a little later in the manga and focused more on developing that relationship, it certainly was a nice touch this episode where they fighting was hardly important. They clearly matured and so have their feelings. This episode really did good in having some important canon factors mixed it.

I do like how they brought up past characters and moments from earlier in other original episodes, like Haruka or Beino’s story. Certainly I am glad it was not a monster of the week episode to kick this arc off. Hopefully it does not fully turn into that. The fighting weekly certainly could come, but now they can manage a good balance.

This is the start of an original arc, and again I assume it will be a good chunk for the next ten episodes. It was strong in introducing what could come, but while sticking to information that needed to be known. It is hard to say what could come of Sae, I only bring this up, since this arc seems to be important when dealing with her character. She could turn into a character later on, but just not as important as now depending what happens.

Twin Star is starting to turn into a great anime and have the potential of staying a great one. This arc will really show if it can be a great anime. With a strong start into an original arc like this one, anything is possible, since it felt like I was watching a canon story.

Overall Score: A-

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

When this arc ends I am going to give my thoughts on it as a whole too, if I remember.

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series. Just do not spoil what happens beyond this episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe