Before I begin I would like to say a few things:

  • I do not know much about business practices.
  • I may be wrong about some facts. If I am please tell me.
  • This is heavily opinion based.
  • The articles used for this post are from:

Again this is opinion based, so do not take all of my thoughts or speculations as facts.

Alright, with all that information out of the way. So, I am going to talk about my overall thoughts, I am cautious with this. I may be glad, but I am certainly cautious. New things can be both scary and wonderful.



So, from what I gather, Crunchyroll will be able to stream Funimation’s shows on a seasonal basis. They even obtained a few streaming rights, in sub, to older Funimation shows. I doubt they will get more than this for Funimation’s older series. Right now, for the ones that interests me, are Pysho-pass and Cowboy Bebop. If they get more shows from like a decade or more ago on Crunchyroll it will surprise me. Yes, Crunchyroll has obtained streaming rights, one I am currently watching, Cat’s Eye for example. That anime came out in the 80s.

Upon looking more into it more Crunchyroll will be getting more of Funimations show that are subs over time. I am uncertain how this will fully play out. Funimation stated that some of their subbed shows will stay on Funimation due to licensing. So, I guess it really depends how much and what shows. Again I am uncertain how old of the series they will put on Crunchyroll. Plus since some of Funimation shows in sub are for subscribers only it is uncertain if it will stay this way once they go to Crunchyroll.

Funimation will be dubbing some shows from Crunchyroll that Crunchyroll has. I doubt all of Crunchyroll’s line up will be dubbed. But Funimation is dubbing nearly all of their shows from the current summer season, so who knows. Funimation is in charge of most of Crunchyroll’s dubs now, the exception is most of the ones Crunchyroll announced in July.

Funimation is said to lower their price for their subscriptions, their dubs to see past the first episode you need to be a subscriber. They state that their subs for the season will migrate to Crunchyroll. Now, will Funimation become pure simuldub, I honestly do not think so. This is again mostly since some shows rights. But they may become pure dub or working on it.

I only doubt this since, again most people would need to pay to see just the dubs. I think the subs will also be their while still being on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll’s dubs will be on Funimation. So there will be more dubs on Funimation and a lower price. So, maybe they could stay all dub. They have two separate pay systems, one for just dubs and one for just subs, this being cheaper than both.

Free users, like myself, will have to wait a week regardless for subs, and it was not said if Funimation will change it for people to view their dubs. Since you can only see the first episode for their simuldubs. Older shows that they have it is a 50/50 chance you can watch it either all dub and sub.

Also since Crunchyroll does not have hardsubs like Funimation, you get Crunchyroll’s video player still on Crunchyroll for shows that are from Funimation.

MORE THAN ANYTHING, AS LONG AS ANIME VIEWING REMAINS FREE, even if I have to wait a week, I AM FINE WITH THIS. Mostly since I watch subs, so I will be just on Crunchyroll.

They say they are doing this with the consumer in mind. As long as they keep in mind both the people who are free users and are subscribers this can be very beneficial.

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Now, I am a little worried. They said this was to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and stuff. But Hulu said they are stopping with anime, and the last one they got to stream, which was licensed by Funi, was in the spring season. To top it off, all other sites you now need to pay to view their series. Funimation and Crunchyroll have a free option, yes you have to wait a week, get ads, and more, but it is still free.

The only real threat I see is Netflix. Their anime is very limited, and they only get one show a season, and that is if they feel like it. Right now if Netflix decided to get serious with their anime then anime would probably become more mainstream, and Crunchyroll and Funimation only have the fact they are free. Netlfix would become a threat. Netflix currently only releases their anime after they finish airing, so no weekly option like the other two.

Funimation and Crunchyroll specialize in anime. The other companies may be much bigger, but not only do not specialize in anime but do not focus on that one niche. So, unless they get serious and target those audiences the this leads to the main streaming serves of Crunchyroll and Funimation.  There may be other legal streaming sources that specialize in anime, however their catalog is either too small or focuses on older anime. Daisuki for example may have older shows, but all the shows they stream are also by Funimation on a seasonal basis. They are adding older shows, but their catalog is still small and you need to pay to see those unlike Funimation and Crunchyroll. Personally I like Daisuki since I can watch shows in full HD and not have to pay unlike the other two sites, I just wait a week like Funimation and Crunchyroll to watch it.

So, now because Funimation and Crunchyroll are teaming up there is little to no competition. This is a scary factor, since they could do anything. They are staying separate companies, so they could stop this at any time. They say, and as I stated several times, they are doing this with the consumer in mind, but it is clear both companies will profit a lot.

Funimation and Crunchyroll will be producing more dubs, and getting more stuff out there in general. All my anime I own is from Funimation. They are affordable to me. I can get all 12 episodes of a series for about 40 dollars both sub and dub and on DVD and BluRay. Other companies you may get sub and dub, but you get a lot of extras and the price is typically doubled. Yes, they have the lack of extra’s option, but it is still expensive. You also have to choose between DVD or BluRay and not get both. So, in terms of selling anime, as long as they continue to do this, now with Crunchyroll titles, I will be glad I do not have to fork over 100 bucks just for half a show. I can walk into a store and buy an anime I enjoy.

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I am cautious with this. At any moment it could screw over the people who watch for free. This would then push people to illegal means to view anime. This hurts the industry in many ways. Crunchyroll says they will always stay free, so there is hope they stay true to this word. I mean granted the second I get a job I am getting a subscription to more than likely Crunchyroll.

Now, with this, Crunchyroll would like to work on getting all shows airing for streaming rights. This can help put a stop to illegal sites. Some shows that are not picked up that are airing are seen by these means. Yes, there are very very few and fewer each season. But this partnership will help. If it works out, then companies in Japan, who previously did not give the streaming rights, may do so. So this could turn into something very good. The only reason people would complain is waiting a week when they do not want to pay.

So more anime is always good.

It stays free: Again, free user, I don’t mind waiting a week, I don’t mind ads. Sure I would like at least basic HD, but I got used to 480p. As long as it stays like this, at least for subs, I am fine with this. If Funimation starts allowing dubs to be viewed past the first episode, in a similar setup. I may pick up dubs again. Older shows I may watch dubs, but I have not seen any simuldubs because of this.

Certainly I hope Funimation does this. They want to get Simuldubs out faster. Maybe instead of having to wait a week, maybe wait two for free users. Maybe they could do this with a bare minimum Crunchyroll’s shows. But who knows what their plans are. I will certainly see the subs before dubs. But if an option like this happens, it just means more ad revenue and maybe even more people buying a subscription to both still.

It was said that this was so people do not have to choose, but you still do for sub or dub.  So, maybe something like this will happen. Since it sounds like Funimation will focus more on dubs and Crunchyroll just focusing on subs.

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I might have started talking about some worries, and although those are all true. The biggest one is probably obvious now: NO MORE FREE OPTION.

I think in Canada, and after looking it up, Crunchyroll this year got rid of their free option sort of. After shows air it will only be available for 13 weeks then it is premium only. Everything else in their catalog is premium only.

Information here for previous paragraph: Crunchyroll Forum

Now, I do not rewatch shows often, but I do not want that to happen. The only show in the US catalog for Crunchyroll that is premium only, is Card Captor Sakura. I do not like the idea, especially since I sometimes fall behind weeks, only to miss my chance at a show. Or find out a show is good, only to not be able to watch it because of this. Sometimes I wait until a show ends to watch it all, or get busy and not catch up until the next season begins.

Sorry people in Canada, I just do not want to see that happen here. It feels like this would hurt anime as a whole if they were to make this happen again. I think there were other reasons behind this in Canada, such as not many free viewers or some other reason. I think it dealt more with lack of viewers or some problem in Canada, again I am uncertain.

One reason why I think this is a good idea for the partnership is to combat piracy. If you limit the availability of the content, then nothing is going to change. It would only hurt everyone in the long run. As long as they keep it how it is now and still watch for free, then this could be great. If more options appear to appeal to more people, like maybe same day as premiums for viewing, just not in HD, ads, and maybe a delay by a few hours.

Now, my only other fear is the fact this goes bad. It goes really bad. It has a lot of potential to be a good thing.  They can do whatever against other companies I mean, Sentai already hardly picks up anything anymore and that is after Crunchyroll streams it. So as long as they do not screw the consumer, aka us, over, I am fine with this. Funimation is lowering their subscription price, Crunchyroll is staying the same, but both are getting more content.

Both already have a free option to watch older shows and shows that are airing. It makes it accessible to everyone. More people watch legally for free still generates ad revenue which gives both companies support so they can then do more with anime they get. This also helps the industry as a whole in Japan. Putting and keeping the consumer in mind will be more beneficial in the long run than trying to screw everyone over all at once.


Things staying free, anime being easier to buy, and more anime in general is not bad. Having a wider and stronger form of access to anime for free is a great way to put an end to piracy and support the official release. This is certainly something that could be really good and a winning situation for Crunchyroll, Funimation, the consumers, and anime in general.

This fall season will really test this to its full ability. Sure it will be in the early stages. But by the time next year we may really love how this turned out, we may really hate it, or maybe it was not as big as we all hoped.

It is certainly too soon for anything. Initial news that is certainly a thing to by hyped for. But it is best to stay cautious. Just because it sounds good does not mean it is good.  Right now since it is in its very early stages it is best to stay cautious. Once we know more than it is certainly something to by hyped for or get more worried about. But as the said they want to keep the consumer in mind, as long as they do this it will be something for the better for all of us.

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So, feel free to give your thoughts on this? Do you think this is good, bad, or are still cautious?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe